Let’s Talk About Womens Hair Loss And Growth

Since writing the posts Let’s Talk About Hair Loss, I have learned several things and wanted to update you. You might remember I was losing large amounts of hair and found no clear reason/reasons behind it. The amount of hair saved on my shower chair was crazy not to mention the hair clogging the drain after just three or four showers. I installed one of those hair traps in my shower drain to stop the clogs. It was eye-opening how much hair was going down the drain that I didn’t even know about. 

Four months ago I started using Minoxidil 2% on the hair loss areas twice a day to encourage growth. It works by shedding old hair and making room for new hair to grow. It took about three months to see a difference in the amount of hair loss but now I’m losing much less and it’s thicker now too.

My scalp felt dry and I had developed flakes on one side of my head. I read the extra sebum build-up on the scalp can cause hair loss. After changing brands several times, I’m currently using Nioxin Scalp Recovery. I tried several highly recommended shampoos and conditioners including the Her’s shampoo and conditioner. It irritated my scalp so bad. I’m crossing my fingers the Nioxin System will work. I’ve already tried the Sooting Serum twice and the difference in irritation is night and day. My scalp no longer itches and is not as dried out. The shampoo and conditioner leave my scalp clean and my hair nice and shiny which was a problem with other conditioners.

The hairbrush I was using was touted as a scalp massager that would help circulation, clean the scalp and enhance hair growth. I didn’t put much stake into the claims of hair growth but have heard good things about a scalp massage. Two weeks ago I decided that it wasn’t helping and went back to my old fashion Mason hairbrush. The Mason brush is expensive but if you take care of them properly it may be the only hairbrush you need. I have one that’s half boar hair and half plastic. It’s doesn’t work for styling you. It gets down to the scalp when brushing which helps reduce the amount of sebum build-up. Since mine is black I will also be able to see when the flakes are reduced.

I started taking Biotin around the same time so it’s hard to say how much hair growth can be contributing to Biotin. I read multiple articles while researching the previous posts and the reviews on Amazon are very positive.

One of the most exciting discoveries is Castor Oil will make your brows and lashes grow. I purchased a bottle, two months ago and the results are so shocking. I had to put on mascara the other day just to see how long they had grown. It works. The bottle of Castor Oil came with one mascara wand container and a liner container. I use the mascara wand with the oil on my eyebrows and lowers lines. The liner is used for the upper eyelid and lower lid if you like. I found using the liner puts too much oil on the bottom lids. I go thru a routine two or three times a day where I put heavy amounts on my brows and a small amount on lower lids and use the liner to put on lashes at night. The oil does get on your sheets.

I’m am so shocked! I had looked at products claiming hair growth that ranged in price from $30 to over $200. A bottle of Organic Castor Oil will last a year for $10.00. My lower lids are much longer than I could have expected and my brows have grown in slightly darker and filled in a few acres missing hair. I’m addicted. It’s one of the best beauty finds to date.

Castor oil can be used used for many things including a hair massage, great on dry skin, and cuticles

I would love to hear what hair growth treatments you’ve tried and the results.



  1. Thanks for sharing your update Mel! My hair has always shed pretty bad, and we had to put one of those hair traps in our shower too. Now that my hair is longer (I haven’t had a haircut since the pandemic started) it’s shedding even more, though it doesn’t seem thinner. I’m really interested to hear about the castor oil for your brows and lashes. I sleep with my face smooshed into the pillow and my eyelashes have paid the price. I’m going to give the castor oil a try. Thanks for the tip!

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