My Bucket List

As teen I wanted to travel the world even though I hadn’t been out of the state where I was born. Reading National Geographic Magazine opened me to other worlds and I wanted to see it all.

As I grew older it was easier to narrow the list down although it’s still grows each year. I’ve been fortunate to mark many things off my list over the years and have had great adventures.

There are so many places to see and new adventures to have.

Photo by Grape Things on

Watch artist handcraft a Turkish rug

Learn to double jump rope

Roller Derby

See a grown Hela Monster

Watch baby turtles hatch and return to the sea

Drive Hover Craft

Tango Lessons

Drive Monster Truck

Drive 18 Wheeler

Train and Volunteer to rescue wild animals

Finish Family Tree

Visit the worlds Wineries, extra long stay in France

Volunteer for RAINN as Advocate Speaker for Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse

Watch the Caribou migrate in Canada

Go to the country of Jordan, see the city of Petra.


Walk a mile

Hold a Koala Bear

See Tasmania Devil

Become a Bee Keeper

Walk in Jesus’s Foot Steps

Hear a mass by the Pope, at the Vatican.

Ride in Helicopter over Grand Canyon

What’s on your list? Where is life taking you?Β 



    1. A girl after my own heart!!!!
      “Train and Volunteer to rescue wild animals”. YESSSSS. Me too!!!
      I’d love a farm if I could handle it!

      We get so many where I live and I just adore them all! Even the bears. Though foxes are my favorite!

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      1. I’ve been thinking about you almost every day, praying the changes you’re making and the healthcare changes are making a difference. I learned devastating news yesterday, my Immune Disorder is going to require monthly Plasma Infusion Treatments. I knew it was coming but until the doctor says it out loud it’s not the same. My body isn’t making enough antibodies. We won’t know until some blood work is done to know if my COVID vaccine did any good. Taking it one day at a time and staying positive, life is so much worse for so many!


        1. I wholeheartedly agree and I love them ALL. I especially love when they come to visit. The only one I haven’t gotten is a moose. We have bears, porcupines (they ate all my peaches off my peach tree πŸ˜–πŸ€£), fox, deer, turkeys, ermines, bunnies, fisher cats (who aren’t nice πŸ˜•, but are fun to watch run), coyotes, owls, opossum. Oh right, I haven’t seen the bobcat that appears around town, either. I love them all and I’m so lucky to have such incredible surroundings!
          This year we even got to see a baby fox!! My gawd, were they the cutest creature ever!!!!

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          1. We saw two baby owls this year. My neighbor has a house and the day they left home, they came over here before flying off to the wild. They were beautiful. I love most all animals but am a huge bird lover.


          2. Well now I’m jealous. πŸ˜• Thats amazing!!
            We just learned the trick of using fur in the bird feeder to give the birds nesting material. So I’m hoping we’ll get to see some nests and/or babies this year!!
            My Son showed me a video of using your dog & cat brushings in a bird feeder & it actually worked!!!! The birds have been taking it!
            I LOVE THIS!!! My dogs & cats get to help the birds!!

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