Fun With Jet’s Toys

Let’s lighten this up a bit! 

My little man Jet, no quite a year old yet, loves his toys. He also loves to chew on his toys. It’s like a mission when he gets a new toy, how do I chew an appendage off as fast as possible. After throwing away several toys it was time to get a small sewing kit to try to repair the ones I could. Last week he presented me with a challenge, the new Squirrell has a major hole right by his tail. Now I could cut the tail off and make the job easier but that would be no fun for him. So I ordered upholstery thread, needles, and leather thimbles for the delicate surgery. 

This photo is of Jet with his orange toy after a double leg and arm amputation. He doesn’t mind it’s still one of his favorite toys and usually goes to sleep with him at night. 

The tummy tuck on a Shark is no easy task. It was my first surgery and I’m happy to say he still in action today. This photo was taken in the recovery room while still very sedated. Look at that needlework! 

My second challenge was a tail and back surgery on the red fish. Notice how he is smiling! 

The most difficult to date is the Unicorn brain surgery and horn amputation. He faired well but may have to come back for a skin graph. 

I’ve become known around the house for my amputation skills, he has put me to the task many times. This Beaver’s tail was so mutilated it has to go. It was quick and painless. I used my best scissors. 

Here he is after surgery and you can see he’s just fine without the ragged thing. 

Here’s a photo that is hard to tell how severe the damage is but the Squirelle is in dire need of surgery right by his tail. I hope to save the tail and as amputations are getting boring. He said he would be forever grateful if the tail didn’t go like the Beavers. 

The Squirrel remains in intensive care until my surgical supplies arrive today and then it’s off to surgery once again. 

Jet keeps me busy but I got tired of throwing away toys! 

I hope you have enjoyed this diversion from our everyday programming. 



  1. This gave me a little chuckle and took me down memory lane. Our guys used to chew their toys open and pull all the stuffing out of them when they were younger. They actually continued to do it until just the last few years. Now our remaining pup is just too old to be bothered. He will occasionally chew on some of his toys that have ropes for arms and legs or lie with a stuffed animal, but that’s about it. Jet is adorable, and I’m sure he appreciates your ‘surgical’ skills.

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