World Immunization Week April 24th Thru 30th

Now more than ever it’s important to read the data and listen to leading scientists about the effectiveness of vaccines.

I’ll work hard not to get on my bandstand! The COVID vaccine is more effective than your early Flu shot and the flu won’t kill you most, with few exceptions with prior health conditions. I know there are naysayers that go way back, that is your right. BUT, in order to eradicate the COVID 19 Virus, we must have 70-80% of the population vaccinated. Can you imagine the struggle that causes poor countries?

It angers me to read day after day that roughly 30% of COVID vaccine appointments are no shows, no reschedule. They are too convenient in our area right now not to reschedule. I received no special treatment, went in with an appointment, and was out within 30 minutes.

Today in Dallas County alone 1800 vaccines are being disposed of due to expiration date.

I understand so people got jumpy when the J&J vaccine was paused, that right there tells you the government is doing the right thing. Only 15 out of 18 million got blood clots, a nano number but out of an abundance of caution, and for the public to see how stringent the process is they paused the vaccine. It started distribution yesterday, will someone else get sick, maybe, you can get sick from what you buy over the counter at the drug store and end up in the hospital.

I know this is falling on deaf ears for the die-hard anti-vaccine believers, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to a reasonable person who might have concerns and not really familiar with the process it takes to get a vaccine to market.

Thousands of people have to volunteer to take the vaccine under strict supervision, all side effects are documented. The stand is high in order to reach Phase 2 trails. Even more strenuous testing is done and again all side effects are noted and researched. Before a vaccine can be approved it has to go thru a Phase 3 and final phase before it can be recommended to the FDA.

You may ask why does it normally takes 7-10 years to get a vaccine to market and these vaccines took less than two years. Very simple, a Presidential Act. Extra resources, money, extra scientist. governments collaborating together, all the things take extra time from the front end, finding the vaccine itself, had thousands of scientists working night and day to find the right mix. The Clinical Trail process wasn’t speeded up the research and finding the right vaccine was. One reason is also they had the DNA code from the virus to work from.

Please, just take the time to educate yourself on the process and weigh the side effects, which for 99% of people are minimal against getting or giving COVID. How are you going to feel if you give your children for mother or grandmother COVID and they die?

Another fork for those who don’t like to take vaccines is I feel strongly all children should be required to have the vaccine to enter public school. If you don’t want to vaccinate your children once they become available that is your right, it’s not your right to have the minority make the majority sick. you need to go to private or home school. YES, I would fight hard for that if given chance.

I feel that passionate about the vaccine. I also feel that if we are throwing away vaccines in America we need to start shipping them to India right away and Americans can go back to long lines and shortages.

Get vaccinated.


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