Introducing Aila Health, Precision Health For Your Chronic Illness Needs

I asked Aila Health to provide an introduction about their service offerings for my autoimmune disease and other chronic illness readers. I found their concept interesting and wanted to share it with you. The idea of tapping into a community of like-minded people is interesting and finding a place that offers one on one coaching from people who understand chronic illnesses is rare. 


Aila Health | Newsletter Content

Welcome to Aila Health!

Precision health for chronic illness

Who We Are

Article by Rory Stanton, CEO

Hi guys! Rory here. I’m the founder of Aila Health, a company I’m building to bring compassionate, accessible care to people living with autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses. I wanted to let you know why I created Aila Health and tell you about the app we just released for chronic illness warriors. After watching my cousin spend years visiting dozens of specialists to help diagnose and manage her chronic illness, I thought there had to be a better way.

The Problem

I talked with hundreds of patients and specialists to try to figure out how to solve this problem. I learned that your care is siloed and your doctors can’t always see a full picture of your health. They see a couple of your symptoms at random intervals but don’t always see all of the other symptoms or factors that cause flare ups.

Not Invisible

The Aila Health app allows you to sync all of your health data in one place and identify what is triggering your flare ups. Because your health information is centralized in one place, you can better share your trends with your doctors. Your doctors can then see “invisible” symptoms like chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia with the data, even if your lab tests keep coming back “normal.”

The Community

Once you download the app, you can also connect with other chronic illness warriors in the Aila community to share insights and get support. We’d love to invite members of the Looking for the Light community to the Aila Health app.

Download the app for free to consolidate your health information and track your flare ups in one place

Personalized Coaching

If you want additional help with personalized nutrition, mindfulness and stress management training and 1:1 holistic health coaching, you can subscribe to the health coaching program. We’re offering Looking for the Light members 25 % OFF your first month.

Just enter code Light25  at checkout.

As part of building community, we’re hosting a 3-month webinar series, kicking off Thursday, May 13th. First up in the series, we’ll hear real stories from real people about living with autoimmune disease. These powerful, amazing, and inspiring individuals will share about their health journeys. Register to attend here and we’ll keep you posted on additional webinars too!

Aila Health solutions are available to the chronic illness community with a tap of the finger. It’s one place for your one on one coaching needs, an information database, and a support system with other chronic illness warriors.



  1. I really like this idea. Do you know much about the personalized health coaching, diet, etc. piece? I’m fortunate that all my healthcare providers are connected via myhealth online portal, so they have access to all my records. But this could be where I also record daily updates, like I do on Daylio app? That sounds really interesting. I’m going to check it out further.

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  2. Oooo this sounds like an interesting concept! I’ve long since thought that healthcare needs more integration, especially with chronic conditions that can mean you’re back and forth to doctors and numerous specialists for years on end, nobody getting the full picture, nobody understanding the invisible conditions or what you’re actually dealing with because all they get is a small snapshot and some blood test results. Bravo to Aila offering this for the US. I hope it can help some folks! Thanks for introducing the brand to us, Mel.

    Caz xx

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