Turing Into Your Parents

I guess as we all age we look at our life and can compare how our life is like or different than our parents. For me, I was raised for the most part by my grandparents and my granny was my mother.

Photo by Wings Of Freedom on Pexels.com

This post is more about my life becoming more like my granny’s everyday.

Granny was legally blind and was not able to drive, she spent her entire life asking others to help get her to where she needed or my gramps took her once they were married.

You would look at my life and not see the similarities on the surface but they are growing into one. I have early onset Dementia caused by Lyme Disease and it continues to progress. Over the past few year the parameter I can drive gets smaller and smaller. That’s if my husband let’s me drive.

The other similarity in our lives is my granny had Dementia too, brought on by two strokes. She didn’t know much after the second stroke and was very withdraw and self-harming.

I look back at growing up and my gramps did all the grocery shopping and errands, sometimes granny would sit in the car but most of the time she stayed home. Before her strokes she worked cleaning houses but her life was still small in the number of people she knew and experiences she had.

She cleaned house, did most of the cooking and kept up with the family via phone.

I look at my life today and my husband does all the grocery shopping and errands, sometimes I wait in the car. My life is very small, since we have no family here my interactions are with doctors and the people at Starbucks.

I never asked my granny if she would have changed her life, if she wished she could drive, did she want more for herself?

When I ask myself those questions the answers are yes, absolutely.



  1. It can be scary seeing ourselves turning into out parents. I try to remember that my mom had strengths in spite of her health problems and dementia. Gramps was amazing, like your husband. But so are you. I bet Granny had her own strengths. I’m glad you have yours. You’re doing an awesome job keeping up with your blog – sharing your experience, knowledge, and insight. Sending hopes, hugs, and healing prayers.

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    1. My granny had her strengths that’s for sure. She raised me from 14 onward. She took this troubled teen and turned me into what I am today. Both of my grandparents were amazing. I’m so glad to be raised by the older generation. There’s something to be said for being with people who were in the war and survived despite poverty and no jobs. I have my strengths by it’s had when my husband only gets to see them or people reading the blog get a glimpse of them.

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