I’m Out Of Pocket For A Few Days

The time is finally here, I’m having my left knee replaced tomorrow. FUN,FUN! I’ll only be in the hospital for 2-3 days and then back home with a Home Health Nurse checking on me for two weeks. Luckily I’ve been down this road, having already had my right knee replaced in 2017. I know the long road ahead.

I had to go to the hospital today for a Covid Test, that was so easy. I’m already vaccinated so if it comes back positive I will be among the small percent of people who get it. I’m confident everything is fine and the surgery will go as planned. My Orthopedic doctor is the greatest!

Once back home I’ll check in. I won’t do my normal weekly post this week and we’ll see about next week. I will be reading comments and post once I get home.

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

See you on the other side as they say!

Take care.



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