Friday Quote

It’s Friday!

So glad you are here today and I enjoy all your comments.

I’m home a doing ok, well, in extreme pain but alive and healing up quickly. I have the greatest doctor who can do a knee replacement without cutting the muscles. I don’t know how he does it, I haven’t watched my video yet.

See the source image

I hope you have a great weekend with friends and family making memories that will last a lifetime.



    1. Thank you for thinking about me Stacey. How are you doing? Tell me much better since refocused your energy. Any new doctor’s appts since the last big hopeful one didn’t pan out? Have you ever thought of going to the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins? The Mayo figured out what was wrong with my heart in one week, the local doctor didn’t know after 2 years. John Hopkins is a huge research hospital and may have a trail you could get into. Both have the best doctors anywhere around. I would trust the,m with. my life. They also run a very efficient ship so you’re usually out of there in a week, they have everything within walking distance, and all the lab are overnight. I can’t say enough about the Mayo. It’s worth a thought. Hugs.


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