My Migraine Story

June is Migraine Awareness Month and I wanted to share my painful two-year journey with you in hopes some of you will have the same problem and be a blessing to get treatment like I did.

Everyone’s migraine story is different. I had maybe a half dozen migraines when out of the blue they hit me like a hammer. First, it was one to two days a week and not completely debilitating. After a very short period of time, they escalated to four or five a week and did start to impact my life.

My doctor had me take Beta-Blockers at first to help, boy that was terrible. My blog pressure got so low, that I could hardly lift my arms and legs and was having trouble driving. He changed me to a different type of preventative medication and gave me a full supply of Sumatratophan injections.

I was at the height of my career and daily migraines were dramatically impacting my ability to keep my client appointments, I had to often reschedule meetings. It took a good hour after injection to get back on the road to pick up with my day.

This nightmare went on for two years, I don’t know how I stayed sane and kept my job. Let alone remain a top performer at my company.

During a follow-up appointment, my doctor said he’s just read an article on the plane about how your Sinuses can cause migraines. He referred me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and I found my answer. I had a Deviated Septum which was pressing on the nerves and causing the migraines. A simple day surgery corrected the problem and I’ve had very few since then.

This is just a note about nose surgery. I don’t know how they do it today since my migraines were during the ’90s. My doctor did not believe in packing the nose. Basically, I had to use these long Q-tips and put Vaseline way back in my nose several times a day. This is my preferred method.

If your doctor packs your nose, it’s like putting a dressing in your Sinuses, and when your healing time is up they pull the dressing out. I’ve heard it feels like your stomach is coming up thru your nose.

Technology is so different they probably don’t pack anymore but I would ask because I hear it’s very painful.

Please forgive me if this doesn’t flow very well, I wrote this the day after returning home from the hospital and maybe my mind wasn’t so clear. I hope you all make sense to you.



  1. This makes perfect sense. I will share this with my daughter. She has had migraines since she was a tiny toddler. Now, she is a licensed therapist with a busy practice, and when she gets a migraine, it causes her all kinds of problems.

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