Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You

I came home from the hospital after just one night, in 2017 they kept me in for three nights when I had my right knee replaced. One day seems too fast but by yesterday I started to see some of the logic. Aside from insurance saving money, the key to a good rehab is moving your knee a lot!

Yesterday the Physical Therapist came and gave me a great report. The ultimate goal of PT is to get your knee to bend backward 100-110%, I did 90% in my first session. He said all the walking up and down the stairs has made all the difference. I learned so much with the last surgery and knew pushing yourself to start walking and getting up the stairs was critical.

Thank you for all the kind words and prayers sent this past week. I received every one of them and my good report from the Physical Therapist shows how much support I have from up above and all around me.



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