Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer Survivors Day was on June the 6th and I let it slip by without a short post about my Cancer experience.

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At 28 years old I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. Several minimally invasive procedures were performed but they were unable to remove all the Cancer without a Hysterectomy. I was unmarried, at the height of my career and not the type of person who grew up thinking about having children all my life.

A big decision had to be made, my doctor recommended a full hysterectomy because both my mother and gradmother on the father’s side had Ovarian Cancer when they were young.

Within minutes I had to make the decision of thinking about my health and getting Ovarian Cancer or take the chance in order to have children. I wish It could say is was a hard decision but it wasn’t. Cancer at 28 will wake you and make you realize how short life is.

It was sad at times in the years since then but I’ve always believed God will put in your path what he wants you to have. Children where just not in mine.

Be sure to get your yearly exam!!!!!



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