6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your First Motorcycle

Are you planning to purchase your first motorcycle? While this can be an exciting moment, you need to consider several things to make an informed decision. You don’t want to make some mistakes that could cost you the investment. If you don’t know where to begin, you shouldn’t worry because this guide got you covered. It outlines vital tips anyone may need to know before purchasing a motorcycle. 


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Think of Motorcycle Safety

It is essential to complete a motorcycle safety course to improve your safety on the roads. Much like driver’s training, this will ensure your safety and that of other motorists. Remember, you’ll be one of the most exposed bikers out there – so play it safe!

Are you an experienced motorcyclist? You may want to consider a refresher course and enhance your skills. If you already have a bike and are looking to accessorize it, you may want to check this website for great offers. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Like when purchasing a family car, before you buy your new bike, you’ll need to make sure you have insurance as well. In many states, motorcycle insurance is mandatory, so this will be an additional cost on top of the purchase price. So why do you need insurance cover? It can protect you in many instances, including if you cause property damage or injure someone unintentionally. 

One of the most critical motorcycle insurance covers includes liability coverage for protection against property damage and personal injury lawsuits. Other policies you may need after purchasing your motorcycle include:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Medical coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Underinsured and Uninsured motorist policy

Should You Buy from a Dealer or Private Owner?

Whether you want a used or new motorcycle, you can buy from a private seller or a dealer. Evaluate your needs and choose what you think suits you. For example, a dealer can offer more comfort because their motorcycles may come with a warranty and assurance. On the flip side, a bike from a private seller could be less costly. 

The Size of the Motorcycle

The size of the bike you want to buy is an essential consideration that you shouldn’t ignore. How do you know your proper size? First, know why you want to buy the bike. This way, you can understand the best motorcycle size you may need. For example, do you need a motorcycle for commuting and avoiding daily traffic? You may consider a small bike. On the other hand, for sports, a heavier bike can serve you better. 

Consider Your Physique

If you’re like most bikers, chances are you want a motorcycle that you can use with utmost comfort. This is where your physical body comes into play. For example, you don’t want a bike that’s too tall or too small for you. The best way to ensure the bike you purchase won’t be uncomfortable is riding to test it before committing to the purchase. 

Availability of Parts and Accessories

With a motorcycle, you can customize it according to your personality and needs. The good news is you can check the available accessories in the market and accessorize your bike. So whether you want highway bars, saddlebags, custom exhaust, backrest, or windscreen, the market has everything you may need.


If you evaluate your needs and establish what you want, purchasing your first bike shouldn’t be challenging. Consider these factors for your next purchase and avoid common pitfalls. 

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