Books That Have Impacted Me

I’ve read books most of my life and some have made an impact on me personally and others professionally. Several of the books below are religious but are great reads that could change your life. Here’s a small list of books you may want to check out.

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan

If you live in Texas or want to know about life in Texas during the 1930s, this is the book to read. When I bought the book I had not heard about the Dust Bowl so the book was a huge surprise. I can’t imagine living in drought, depression, and hopelessness. One story that sticks with me is an entire family was coming back from church and a dust storm blew through and killed the entire family, just suffocated them in the vehicle. Another story that hangs with me is how everyday people would take wet towels and put them in windows to prevent the dust from coming into the house. You have to remember this was also in the heat of summer when you could not open your windows.

Seven Choices by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D.In

I bought Seven Choices when my gramps died. His death knocked the air out of me and I did know how to move forward. I had my therapist but knew I needed something extra to help me walk thru the phases of grief. It’s an interesting personal story and the learning you get is thru the learning she finds in her own life. The book helped me so much I know if I need it again it will be there.

Mad Mary by Liz Curtis Higgs

Mad Mary is a religious book that takes you by surprise. The book portrays Mary Magdalene as a homeless woman who people think has a mental issue. They shun her and treat her poorly. It’s an easy read and the bottom line is you never know who someone is and who you are treating badly. I have the highest regard for Mary Magdalene so it makes the book more special.

The Passion of Christ

I read this book after seeing the movie and I was surprised I could cry even more. What can you say? The story of Jesus’ death is profound, leaves me speechless, and sobbing. If you want to read about the last of day of Jesus life, his journey of carrying the cross to his final resting place this is the book for you

Man Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

I was blessed with a great teacher in boarding school who gave me books that changed my life. The most important book was Man’s Search For Meaning. I read this book at 13 years old and have read it many times since. How can you not appreciate the life you have after reading what Viktor Frankl went thru to stay alive. Viktor is a Holocaust survivor and an extraordinary man. He managed to engage his mind every day to keep learning in order to stay sane. This is a must-read book for everyone of all ages. 

Shock by Kitty Dukakis and Larry Tye

Kitty Dukakis suffered terrible depression during her husband’s time in politics and she reached a point where she couldn’t go on any longer. Just like you or I, she checked herself into a Psychiatric Hospital and received Electroconvulsive Treatments in order to come out of her darkness. She raw, not pretenses, no special treatment just a patient who is suffering from severe depression. I read this the first time shortly after I spent time having ECT treatments myself. It was comforting to read about someone who is in the same place, same struggle, and see them come out on the other side.

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper and Cecil Murphey

This is a short read book that will have you pulled in from the first minute. It’s a true story about a horrific car accident and the extraordinary measure the medical staff went thru to save Don’s life. During that tie, Don dies and he shares his account of his journey to the other side. It will open your eyes, make you remember life is short, and say what you have to say today not tomorrow.

Hope you find something you may not have heard of and want to take a look at it.

Happy Reading!



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