The Incredible Benefits Of Buying A Van Instead Of A Business Car

Business cars are typically seen as executive vehicles, usually German-made and quite flashy. You drive them to give themselves a good reputation, almost showing off when you meet clients. By all means, there are benefits that come from owning a business car. However, have you ever thought about owning a business van instead? Vans are very different from cars, and they can provide you with some substantial benefits as well. So, let’s take a look at what you can gain from driving around in a van:

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A portable business

A van gives you the opportunity to operate a portable business. In essence, you can carry supplies and equipment in your van, basically running your business from it. A lot of the new Vauxhall vans for sale include more than enough space for you to convert the back of your van into a portable base of operations. You can sell products from your van, use it to complete jobs – the opportunities are endless. It gives you an excuse to step out of the office and conduct work on the go. 

Access more customers

Following on from the previous point, having a mobile business means you can access more customers. Now, you can actually travel to people’s homes and provide your service via your van. With a car, you perhaps lack the space to carry all of the resources needed to conduct your work. A van gives you all of this space, so you can start offering call-outs and come to people’s homes at a short notice. Instead of operating a static business where people might come to you, you can start going to them. 

Improved marketing opportunity

With a car, you don’t really want to go over the top with the branding. As mentioned in the introduction, the main purpose of an executive car is to look fancy and impressive. So, slapping your logo on the side will pretty much defeat the purpose of it. Instead, you can get a van and use this to promote your business when you’re on the move. No doubt you have seen so many small vans around your local area, all of which are heavily branded. 

You see, there’s more than enough space on the sides of the van to place your logo, along with other contact details. This can include your telephone number, email address, website URL – and even a QR code for people to scan. A van delivers excellent marketing opportunities for you to consider, so you can promote your business while you drive around. Again, this can link to the previous point in that promoting your business via your van means you could get more customers. 

Overall, a van for your business presents some significant advantages over a simple business car. Specifically, it is more practical in the sense that you can do more with a van and can operate your business from it. You tend to see more practical benefits from a van than you would a car, which is normally just for show. 

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