It’s What You Do After An Automobile Accident That Counts

An automobile accident is one of the worst sounds you will ever hear, whether you are the driver, passenger, or even a witness. But what happens after the ambulance arrives and whisk the injured to the hospital? How do you move forward? 

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Photo by Artyom Kulakov from Pexels

Legal Matters

A car crash doesn’t usually have to be with another car. It can be with a pole, wall, truck, or even a tree. You not only have to come to terms with loss or the pain of your injuries but there are also legal and insurance matters that you need to deal with. No matter the cause of the accident, you need to let your insurance house know right away. They will let you know what information they need from you to process your claim. Some information they will need is when and how it happened, the other driver’s details and insurance details, and any police statements. If a truck is involved or you are the truck owner, it is best to get an expert trucking witness involved. Because of the impending legal matter, these experts can help you with a report and litigation matters.  


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not only for war heroes. Anyone who was threatened with violence, death, rape, or severe injury can have PTSD. That includes if you were in a car crash or witnessed a horrible car crash. The traumatic experience causes the psychiatric disorder. There are 4 types of PTSD: 

  1. avoidance, 
  2. intrusive memories, 
  3. changes in physical and emotional reactions, 
  4. and negative changes in thinking and mood. 

You might not know if you have PTSD. Still, good indicators are if you keep re-experiencing the car crash, having nightmares or flashbacks of the car crash, and even avoidance of the place where the car crash happened. One of the most effective ways to treat PTSD is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

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Survivor Your Child’s Loss

The survivor of a car crash can be anyone who was involved. Any parent’s nightmare come true is finding out their child was in the car crash and they didn’t survive. The absolute devastation and grief are unthinkable. But life does go on, even if you wish that it doesn’t. It’s hard to celebrate the lives they have lived, even if it was only for a few years. But, you need to realize that you are not alone and that there are people on the sidelines waiting to help you. They are just waiting for you to push on their button. Of course, friends and family are your first line of defense. Still, sometimes you need an outsider to dump your anger, resentment of the world’s unfairness and reveal the scary thoughts running through your head. Psychiatrists are professionally trained to know how to handle and walk you through the healing process. Or maybe you want to talk to people who also went through the same things as you? Reaching out to support groups doesn’t make you look weak. Instead, it will make you come to terms with your new normal without your child in your life.

Your pain doesn’t stop when the car stops dead; there are many steps you need to take after the crash. Whether you are grieving, need legal advice, or treatment after a car crash, you need help. Any kind of help is available with a few clicks of the button. 

This is a collaborative post.


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