Be Aware Of These 5 Things When Choosing A Nursing Home For An Aging Loved One

The decision to place a beloved relative into full-time nursing care can be a tough one. After all, many people want to do all they can to help aging relatives continue to live in their own homes, and some even make the momentous step of bringing them into their own residence for care. 

However, the truth of the matter is that there are many conditions, including dementia, that mean elderly relatives are far safer in specially set up care homes than anywhere else. Of course, as part of the selection process, you will visit and assess different facilities, what they have on offer, and how well they fit the needs of the relative in question. Indeed, to be able to do this you will need to be on the lookout for the factors and issues mentioned below. 

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First of all, the location of the nursing facility you choose matters. This is because if it’s too far away from your own home it will make regular visits much more difficult, something that can cause stress for you and increase the issues with the loneliness that your relatives may experience. 

Additionally, if you uproot your reactive and move them too far away from the place and community they have known for a long time, you can make the transition a lot more painful than it needs to be. 

Finally, with regards to location, be sure to look at the grounds and surroundings of the facility. You will need to be aware of two things in particular here. The first is how safe they are, both concerning people getting in, and whether there is any risk of your relative accidentally wandering into the surrounding community which could put them at risk. 

Also, the setting of the facility can make a massive difference to the experience that your relative has there. For example, if they are used to living in urban areas they may not feel at home in a rural setting and vice versa. 


Another important consideration is the size of the nursing facility you are considering. This is because there are specific advantages and disadvantages associated with the different types. 

For example, a larger home may have better access to more technologically advanced equipment such as chair lifts, which can help keep your relative mobile. However, a more introverted person may not feel at home in a larger nursing facility and may prefer something smaller and more intimate instead. 

Level of care

You will also need to pay attention to the levels of care that are offered in the facilities you are looking at. The reason for this is that some only provide a very basic level of care, something that is often known as assisted living. This is when there is a warden there to help if people need it, but most of the time they are self-sufficient. 

On the other hand, other facilities will offer full nursing care and have staff on-site that can treat illness and issue meds. Of course, the current needs of your relative will matter most here, but also remember that their care needs can change as they get older, and if you opt for the lower level of provision to start this can mean they will have to move all over again which can be upsetting for them. 

Red Flags

In addition to all the positive things that you should be looking out for in each care home, it’s also sensible to take some time to see if there are any warning signs or red flags as well. After all, you will want your relative to be as well cared for and protected as possible. Checking the security measures they have in place, as well as their vetting procedure for staff is a very good idea at this stage. 

Feel free to ask whether they have ever had a team of expert nursing home abuse attorneys investigate any incidents at their institutions too. Oh, and don’t forget to Google each facility too, as you can get plenty of information online these days. 


Last, of all, be sure that you remember to consider the facilities that each center has on offer. For some this may mean individual apartments for each resident, while for others they will have rooms. 

Some places may offer different activities in-house such as crafts, singing groups, and even spiritual worship. Be on the lookout for places that offer plenty of trips as well, as having positive experiences like these can make all the difference to the mental and emotional health of relatives as they reach later in life. 

Picture located at Pixabay – License CC0

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