How To Protect Your Senior Loved Ones

It’s incredible when you think about it. As soon as you were born, your parents and other senior members of your family began to take care of you. Often they would put you well before themselves. So, as they get older, protecting them from harm, in the same way, they protected you as you were growing up is the least you can do. And it’s usually something that children and grandchildren will want to do for their senior family members. 

Wanting to protect our loved ones and knowing how to do this, however, are two different things. It can be hard to know just what to do to ensure that those we love are as safe and secure as possible. Read on for some help in this regard so you know what to do and when to start helping. It can make a massive difference to their quality of life and will give you peace of mind. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Find The Right Care Home 

Sometimes, no matter what else we do and no matter what effort we put in, the best option for our senior loved ones is a care home. When in a care home or nursing home, they will get the attention they need, and they will therefore stay safe from harm at all times. If they have any kind of condition or chronic illness, there will be dedicated professionals able to help them 24/7. Try as you might, this is not going to be something you can necessarily do yourself, and although the move to a nursing home can be hard, it can also be for the best for everyone, and it is certainly a form of protection. 

To truly help and to ensure that you are doing the right thing, it’s wise to research the nursing home as much as possible. If any former patients have had to use trusted nursing home abuse attorneys, or if there have been many complaints, for example, then it’s probably not the right place to go. Choose well, and everyone will be happy and safe.  

Protect Them From Scams 

Scams are everywhere, and the more technology we rely on, the more scammers and hackers try to get us to give them our sensitive, important information. The more you know about technology, and the more you’re aware of these scams, the easier they are to ignore, and you won’t find you pay out for something that you shouldn’t do.

When it comes to older relatives, they might not be quite so technologically savvy. They might use a tablet, smartphone, or laptop to access the internet, send emails, and connect with their family, but that doesn’t mean they are experts. In fact, it’s often older people who are subject to these scams, perhaps because they don’t know so much about them or because they are simply more trusting, having not grown up with scams all around them like many people do these days. It could even be that out of loneliness, older people engage with scammers much more. 

To protect your loved ones as much as possible, help to educate them about scams. If they have trouble remembering, write the information down and keep it next to their phone or computer so they know what tell-tale scam signs they should be looking out for. 

Assist With Mobility Issues 

For some older adults, losing mobility is a big issue that can cause many problems, both physically and mentally. Falling poses a considerable risk, particularly for individuals suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis (brittle bones). 

Helping to prevent accidents by modifying your loved one’s house or assisting them in moving to a more accessible place can keep them safe. You might help by putting grab bars in the bathroom or adding a walk-in bath, or you could ensure that your loved one has the proper mobility aids to use both inside and outside to help them go around securely.

Secure Their Home 

Another crucial aspect in remaining safe is home security. If you want to keep your loved one protected, you can do a lot in terms of ensuring their home is safe and secure. You should make sure their windows and doors have good locks on them, for example, even changing the locks entirely if you’re not sure who else has a key. 

It is also a good idea to install an alarm system or service an existing one to make sure it’s working as it should be. Installing modern technology like security cameras or a camera doorbell is another option. You may be able to keep an eye on your loved one due to this (with their permission, of course). Keeping your elderly loved ones safe from anything that might hurt them will undoubtedly ease your mind.

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