4 Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Get In Your Car And Drive

Driving is highly convenient and it is the easiest way of getting from A to B. Public transport can be useful, but you rely on the stations being positioned perfectly, and there will always be delays. Another alternative is to get a taxi or an Uber, but you also have to deal with possible waiting times, alongside annoying drivers and extortionate prices. 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

No, nothing is easier than hopping in your car and driving to wherever you need to go. Nevertheless, you have to recognize that there are times where you should not get behind the wheel of your car. It is simply unsafe for you to do so in certain circumstances, and here are some clear warning signs that you should either walk, book a cab, or find the nearest train/bus home:

You can’t keep your eyes open

A lot of the instances on this list may relate to times where you have been out having fun with friends. However, there could be instances where you finish a day of work and it is unsafe for you to drive. Have you had a really tough day that started early and finished late? Were you on your feet the whole time using up a lot of energy? If so, you might be so physically exhausted that you can barely keep your eyes open. Were you borderline falling asleep at work before it was time to leave? This is not a good sign at all!

You can relate this to other aspects of your life as well – even if you’re home and you feel tired, it’s not a good idea to head out and pick someone up, no matter how much they pester you. Tiredness kills, just ask any elite car accident lawyers and they will back this up. Too many accidents and deaths are caused by someone falling asleep at the wheel. You may feel like this won’t happen to you, but it is not worth it. Don’t drive your car – find another way home safely, or spend the night in your vehicle and drive in the morning. 

Your reactions are slow

This is more of an issue for people of a certain age, though there are situations where it can apply to younger people too. If you have reached an age where your reactions are exceedingly slow, do you think it is wise to get behind the wheel of a car? In some countries, tests are done every year to ensure that elderly people still have the reactions to drive. When they no longer do, their licenses are revoked. It sounds harsh, but it’s further proof that you can’t drive if your reactions are too slow. 

For younger people, there can be all sorts of scenarios where your reactions are slower than usual. For instance, perhaps you have just been to the dentist and the effects of anesthesia are still lingering. Your mind isn’t as fast as it usually is, and your reactions have slowed down. Of course, there are other reasons your reactions can be slow, but we will discuss them in the next point coming up. 

You’ve been drinking alcohol

Have you had any alcohol to drink? There is technically a limit that determines how much alcohol you can drink before it is unsafe to drive. Nevertheless, a good rule of thumb is to just avoid driving if you’ve been drinking. The problem with the limit is that it has to apply to the entire population. You may feel the effects of alcohol after just one drink, even though you’re under the limit and technically safe to drive. 

As mentioned above, a key sign that you are feeling the effects is if your reactions slow down. Of course, slurred words and just a general feeling of tipsiness will also be key warning signs. Don’t get in your car and drive if you have been drinking, it is much safer to find alternative ways of going home. 

You’re too stressed

Got a lot on your mind? If that’s the case, maybe it’s a good idea to avoid driving until you feel more relaxed. Stressed driving means you’re driving while distracted, which could lead to accidents. Before you drive, focus on breathing deeply and finding a more zen state. Avoid thinking about other things and you should be good to go. 

The next time you spot any of these warning signs, take a step back from your vehicle. It is not safe for you to drive, and you need to find a different way of getting home safely. 

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