Everyday Health Hacks Summer Edition

This was one of the most popular posts last year and now is a good time to update, almost eight months into the year and some of my routines have changed, yours probably have too. New Year’s Resolutions or goals as I call them, can start to lose their luster and get thrown out the window by summer so now is a good time to examine where you are.

The key to lack of motivation is understanding what’s missing, what is the root cause of the lack of interest in pushing forward with your goal. We have to constantly reassess as life and our health change, as life, and health changes so do our goals. Maybe your goals are outdated and no longer fit where you are today.

I have Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Hypogammaglobulinemia., which is an Immune Deficiency Disorder however, I’ve been fairly healthy. Insurance has rejected my claim for Plasma Infusion Treatments so I haven’t been able to start treatment. As I mentioned before, my immune disorder means my body doesn’t make enough antibodies. It’s like needing 23 players on the field and I only have 11. It’s a losing game but I’m not sick enough for insurance. The same ole, wait till it cost three times as much to take care of you. 

 I do chalk my good health to some lifestyle changes including learning to forgive and giving myself some grace. If I get off track, I can’t beat myself up or feel quilt. I don’t own an alarm clock and have not found a need for one. I’m fortunate to not work or I would be in big trouble. 

For me, self-care is the things we do every day to stay healthy, not just the special treatments we spend taking care of ourselves. I’m learning more about the importance of how my mental health plays an important role in my physical health, they are very intertwined. 

Here are some simple but steps I work hard to accomplish every day, there are days when I don’t get outside or go to Starbucks but as a general rule this is my daily schedule.


One big change you will notice if you read my original post is I’m taking far fewer supplements. I go thru phases and now I don’t want to take that many pills. 

Taking all of my medications is critical to my physical and mental health. Just one day of skipped medication can throw off my system and wreck havoc on my Bipolar Disorder. 

Women’s over 50 Multi-Vitamin with Calcium.

Mixinolin 2%, for Hair Loss, twice a day. (It works)

Biotin for healthy hair which also boosts my self-image.

Manuka Honey, Certified UMF 20+ (MGO 850+)  One tablespoon per day.

Use Vegan CBD products.

Eat fresh fruit, most weeks four pounds of fruit, strawberries, blueberries, and sometimes mangos and yogurt for lunch and/or dinner every week. 

We have meal kits, Home Chef, delivered three days a week. I pick the healthiest options with a medium level of preparation. That way dinner prep is easy and not stressful. We cook together which takes the load off of me. 

Eat dinner by 6:00 PM every night. 

We go to the Starbucks drive-thru for a coffee. We take the dogs with us and it’s like a family outing. When time allows we take them for a short walk at the park. This is where I get my exercise each day, or however many days I can. Now that it’s triple digits in Texas we are not walking in the afternoon. Most days it’s walking the stairs for exercise and for recovery after my knee replacement surgery. Now that it’s triple digits in Texas we are not walking in the afternoon. 

I reduce stress by meditating several times a day for at least 5 minutes. Nothing fancy, no special location in the house, just in my chair or wherever I am. I don’t know a particular method, I just work to clear my mind and let everything go. 

Only watch one hour of news, 30 minutes local, and 30 minutes national per day! Any more than an hour is regurgitated and adds to the stress level. 

Limit my Social Media time and involvement. You won’t find me chatting with people all hours of the day and most days not chatting at all. Just posting and helping others by retweeted. 

During the day I light an aromatherapy candle, placed somewhere I won’t forget it’s burning.

In spite of COVID, I still schedule critical doctor’s appointments and lab work.

Getting outside for fresh air even for 10 minutes. Just hearing a bird call can change the outlook on my day.

Nature! There are several bird feeders and a birdbath at the kitchen window. I get to see the birds, woodpeckers, and squirrels, it’s great entertainment. 


Bedtime Routine:

Go to bed 1to 1.5 hours before my husband. During that time, there is no sound, no computer, no phone, nothing! I lather up with my CBD and hand creams. I bought a new UltraSonic Aroroma diffuser, what a difference it makes! It’s not noisy like my old one. It has three timers settings and an auto shut-off if the water runs out. I found a great Essential Oil mix called Dream and I let it run for an hour, it’s so relaxing. I’m usually nodding off by the time my husband comes to bed. 

That extra time gives my mind a chance to wind down, get all the ramblings out, and let my mind completely calm down. At bedtime, I take my sleeping meds and another round of CBD cream. I’m now ready. Rarely do I have trouble going to sleep. 

I don’t accomplish these every day, it’s impossible to always have the motivation to do what’s best for our health. Looking at the big picture each week I can see if I’m focused on the right things, if not I have to ask why. Sometimes it’s just that life gets in the way. 

There’s no one size fits all to have the best healthy life but we all can take steps every day to push ourselves forward.



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