Let’s Talk About Women’s Hair Loss Summer Update

When I started writing the original posts Let’s Talk About Hair Loss, I had no idea the changes my hair would take. 

Eight months ago I started using Minoxidil 2% on the areas I felt had the most hair loss twice a day to encourage growth. I think six months is the magic number before you start to see real results. It works by shedding old hair and making room for new hair to grow. It took about three months to start to see a difference in the amount of hair loss but now I’m losing much less than when I wrote this last post. I’m beyond surprised by this last photo when I compare them side by side below. 

July 27, 2020
June 2021

My scalp was very dry and had developed flakes on one side of my head. I read that extra sebum build-up on the scalp can cause hair loss. After changing brands several times, I’m very happy with Nioxin Scalp Recovery. I sometimes use the Nioxin Soothing Serum and the difference in irritation is noticeable. The shampoo and conditioner leave my scalp clean and my hair nice and shiny. Previous conditioners weighed my hair down and made it feel oily from day one.  

I started taking Biotin around the same time so it’s hard to say how much hair growth can be contributing to Biotin. I read multiple articles while researching the previous posts and reviews on the Internet and Amazon are very positive.

Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on Pexels.com

Hair Growth

One of the most exciting discoveries is Castor Oil will make your brows and lashes grow. I purchased a bottle in December of 2020 for $11.99 and the results are so shocking. I put on mascara the other day just to see how long they had grown. I looked like I had false eyelashes, it felt like WOW. I even bought a new brow brush with lash gel, which feels weird, I’m still getting used to seeing my thin and faded out brows transformed. The bottle of Castor Oil came with one mascara wand and a liner container.

I use the mascara wand with the oil on my eyebrows and lowers lids. The liner is used for the upper eyelid and lower lid if you like. I found using the liner puts too much oil on the bottom lids. I have a routine of putting it on two or three times a day, I put heavy amounts on my brows and a small amount on lower lids and use the liner to put on lashes at night. The oil does get on your pillowcase.

I’m am so shocked! I looked at products claiming hair growth that ranged in price from $30 to over $200. A bottle of Organic Castor Oil will last a year for $12.00. My lower lids are much longer than I could have expected and my brows have grown slightly darker and filled in a few areas that were missing hair. I’m addicted. It’s one of the best beauty finds to date.

Castor Oil has many uses including a hair massage or for dry scalp, great on dry skin, and cuticles, and you can ingest it as a laxative, according to my granny.


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