July Chronic Illness Group Writing Prompt UPDATED

It’s the time of the month again! Time for Chronic Illness Group Writing Prompts hosted by A Chronic Voice. Be sure and check out Sherly’s site, it’s full of wisdom, medical knowledge and she’s a great host. I’ve been negligent the past couple of months but hope to get back on track starting this month. These are great to participate in and I learn so much from other Chronic Illness bloggers.  

This month prompts are:






I’ve chosen all five this month, each prompt hit exactly where I was at in life. They are not in order. 

Speaking of Immunologists, insurance is refusing to pay for my Plasma Infusion treatments and I’m not paying for them myself. Insurance didn’t cover my Lyme Infusion treatments and we had to take out a second loan on the house, I will not do that again. I don’t feel that sick, and that is the problem. It’s not that I’m sick, it’s that my body doesn’t have the ability to fight anything off so once I resume so type of life outside of the house I’m at risk for everything. Until I am “sicker” than I am, insurance won’t pay. As I mentioned in one post, you need 23 players on your team, I have 11. Apparently, that’s still too many players on the field for insurance to cover my Immune Deficiency Disorder. 

I had knee surgery on June 8th and am well into recovery. I do my own Physical Therapy because I’m not driving just to have someone show me what to do. I live in a two-story house and know one of the best ways for Physical Therapy is to walk the stairs. I’m so much further along with this knee than my right knee in 2018. Today my doctor told me I was a month ahead of his other patients.  Guess the stairs work fine. 

My knee surgery caused a problem with my hip and now I met with another new doctor, which means more paperwork to fill out. He says it’s common for issues to arise after knee surgery so he’s scheduled me for a CT scan of the hips and back. He says it’s possible I have a pinched nerve. That would certainly explain the pain when walking and the limp.

We started purging our house several months back and now have only a few rooms left. It has given us so much more storage space, we’ve donated so many things to charity and I’m ready to finish the rest. I’m working on my office now, just a few more boxes full and then move the old furniture out. 
I started working downstairs in my lounge chair when we got our puppy Jet who is now well over a year old. I’ve decided now that my husband is working from home indefinitely is to move back upstairs to my office. One of my birthdays presents is an electric fireplace in my office, I can’t wait till winter. I’m also donating my 25-year old office furniture of new less bulky office furniture which I’m really excited about. 

I turned another year older this month, it’s just a number, my body and brain are a different age. I look at my life sometimes a compare it to my granny’s in her 70’s and I’m only in my 50’s. My granny was blind in one eye which prevented her from driving and doing much on her own. I very much relate to her in ways I never dreamed of when she was alive. 

I haven’t had a haircut in four years unless you count the cut last summer when I made a ponytail and told my husband to cut it off. I just pull my hair back in a ponytail and it makes me feel like an old maid but I haven’t taken any action until now. It’s one of my priorities because I do care how I look to myself and my husband. 

My life is very small, no friends, or errands, not much really, even when health doesn’t put up these walls. 

Haven’t driven outside of my comfort area in four years, the first two were spent dealing with acrophobia-like issues but the past two years are mostly desire, need, and pandemic.

I’m visualizing a bigger life for myself this year. The psychological issues that were keeping me from driving have passed, I’m vaccinated and will continue my COVID process while out. I want my life to reflect my goals and dreams. 

My car is two years old and has less than 200 miles on it, I want to be able to get in my car and not find a dead battery. I will start driving myself more to appointments and for pleasure the remainder of this year. Who knows maybe even a trip to the mall. 

I’m counting the days to a new haircut, about four inches off all over and it will feel so light and new. I’m tired of the ponytail look. 

I haven’t eaten out by myself in ages, not even a quick lunch. The pandemic had a huge impact on recent times but even before then I had quit getting out. I want to go to my fav little lunch spot and order my Plum Smoothie, even if’s it’s for taking out, that’s a huge step.

Learning how to use my new camera that is already a year old, I want to go to nature park once it cools off and enjoy our mild winters to get some great outdoor shots. 

I live in Texas where it gets very hot in the Summer, which is great for some of my ailments but trying to get outside and take care of my flowers and garden has been difficult not only due to heat but my knee surgery. Luckily my husband is doing most of the watering right now. My flowers brighten my day and are great for my mental health.  

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the prompts and of course the writing. I look forward to reading your feedback.



  1. You might remember that Indie Blu(e) is publishing soon our chronic illness anthology called But You Don’t Look Sick. If you know of anyone within your groups who might like to review this, or interview one of us or promote this we would be very grateful. We believe like you in this being highlighted and so important. thank you for what you do.

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