4 Critical Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Whether it’s a severe head-on collision or a slight fender bender, you should not take car accidents lightly. According to data gathered in Nevada, in 2019, there were 284 reported fatalities from car accidents. Out of the 284 reported fatalities, Las Vegas contributed a total of 185 deaths, breaking it down to one accident every day. However, the events after a car accident are equally important. Here are a few key steps to remember after you’ve been in a road accident. 

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Find out if anyone is hurt

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing to do is to check for safety—making safety a priority can save your and someone else’s life. After your accident, you may be a bit shaken. It is important to calm yourself down and then address your surroundings. Once you are mobile and have minor injuries, turn your attention to the passengers in your vehicles. You can call out to them to see if they are well. If your car is still working, try and drive it out of traffic to a safe distance on the sideway to properly check if anyone is hurt and evaluate the severity of any injuries. Be sure to stay aware of other potential hazards, such as leaking gas, while you wait for the ambulance, emergency response team, or the police to arrive.

Call 911 and report the accident

Once you have checked for safety and no one’s life is in immediate danger, you can proceed to call the police and emergency services. Although it may seem that no one is critically hurt, paramedics need to evaluate each victim. This is because some harm caused by an accident may not be visible or identifiable without medical training. 

According to Rob Luna, group manager of auto claims at the American Automobile Association in Costa Mesa, California, most police departments are moving to online reporting of cases. They may not deploy resources to the accident scene if it is a minor incident.

Collect important information

Another step you need to take after a road accident is to exchange vital information with the party in the accident and any witnesses. It is also advisable to take pictures of the accident scene, the number plate of the cars involved, and the driver’s license. If the driver’s license doesn’t match the details registered with the vehicle, you can find out the relationship the driver has with the vehicle owner. 

You may also note the type of car, the insurance documents, the color, and other relevant information about the vehicle. It is advisable for motorists involved in an accident to take the insurance company’s details and the insurance policy. Most drivers may not report the incident.

Call your lawyer

Most car accidents lead to loads of legal issues after the dust settles. You need to call your lawyer after the police and the emergency response team have restored calm at the scene. Accidents involving trucks with big rigs at a low speed can result in severe injuries. You will need the services of a semi-truck accidents lawyer to protect your rights and put you back on track.

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