Book Review: How to Help Someone with Anxiety by Dr. Rachel Allan


This book is full of insight, compassion, and hope, an essential guide for anyone supporting a loved one with their mental health. 
Watching someone you love become overwhelmed by anxiety is tough. And it’s not always clear how best to help – it often feels impossible to get through to someone who seems consumed by anxious thoughts.
Counselling Psychologist Dr. Rachel M Allan provides evidence-based advice on the cyclical nature of anxiety, helping you understand how anxiety works and how your loved one might be feeling. You will discover how you can best help someone stuck in a negative thought pattern, how to start a helpful conversation and the importance of listening.
Through the advice in this book, you’ll learn how to best support and empower your loved one day to day, without compromising your own emotional wellbeing.

My Thoughts

The best way to describe the book How To Help Someone With Anxiety by Dr. Rachel Allan is to say it’s a Tool Kit. Everyone would love to have a Tool Kit to help them thru life’s difficult times and Rachel gives us just that. She takes her years of experience and breaks out how Anxiety affects the person. Rachel can and does walk you thru each step of how to deal in situations with real-life solutions. 
If someone you care about is suffering from anxiety it can be a slippery slope when it comes to helping them. Communication is key, communication is everything and Dr. Allan gives you the tools you need to have an open conversation of substance that can affect change.
The book is a great reference to keep on hand for years to come, it’s easy to go to specific information without reading the entire book again. 

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