What You Need To Know About Your New Hearing Aids

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, then it’s likely that the first course of action your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist takes is to recommend hearing aids that can help you ensure a better quality of life. However, these new devices require a little care and attention to make sure that you’re able to use them as effectively as possible. Here are a few things you ought to know as a new hearing aid user.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

Take the time to get used to them

Hearing aids are very powerful pieces of technology that can provide a life-changing difference in how you interact with the world. That said, a lot of people find that the change to their hearing can be a little overwhelming at first. Don’t try to wear your hearing aids all day, every day, as soon as you get them. Take the time to acclimate to them. Wear them for a little while each day to start, incrementally increasing the length of time that you wear them so that they don’t exhaust you.

Take time reintroducing yourself to different environments

Each environment your life takes part in is likely to present a different level of noise that you will have to get used to. For instance, you might want to use your hearing aids solely at home, at first, to make sure that you’re used to how it affects your hearing then. Once you’re used to that, start branching out to wearing them in slightly noisier environments.

You’re going to have to care for them

As powerful as they are, hearing aids are relatively advanced pieces of technology that can even be a little sensitive. They tend to have tough shells protecting the delicate parts, but you still need to do your part to take care of them. This includes cleaning them every day and learning how humidity damages hearing devices, meaning you should keep them in dry spaces as best as possible. For instance, you shouldn’t wear your hearing aids to the bathroom.

Keep a spare battery on you when possible

Batteries are going to become a much more important part of your life once you have a hearing aid. Learn and memorize which batteries your device takes and ensure that you always have a supply of spares at home. You may even want to keep some on you if you can store them safely. Test your hearing aids each day before putting them on to make sure the batteries haven’t run out, too.

Manage the stress of the change

A change to your hearing health and the responsibilities that come with it can, naturally, produce stress. Keep a metaphorical eye on your mental health when you’re also dealing with your hearing health. Consider talking to a counselor if you need to and find stress-busting activities you can invest some time in, such as meditation or yoga.

Like all changes, hearing aids can be tough to acclimate to, at first. However, as they become more and more a part of your daily routine, they shouldn’t be anywhere near as troublesome to manage.

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