Lin Health Is Your Pain Management Solution

As the weather changes not only do the fluctuations in the temperature affect your chronic health conditions but the bad weather can limit your access when you need it the most.

Lin Health is your pain management solution including access to a Pain Diognositc Specialist which you can schedule right from the app, bringing flexibility to your fingers tips.

What is Lin?

A remote chronic pain care program that delivers integrative, personalized, science-based solutions by pain experts who really care.

I signed up with Lin Health and went thru the initial questionnaire, and was assigned to Coach Terri for an initial session. Below I go into more detail about the process.

One of the most important messages I can relay to you is Lin Health works to treat the whole person, not just your pain but the mental health aspects of living with pain. Pain can affect sleep and lack of sleep affects our life, we need support in that area too.

Lin Health has a process that guides you through the sign-up all the way to a care plan.

Here’s the process in a nut-shell

  1. Sign up
  2. Four-day onboarding with dedicated topics/day
  3. Care plan proposal
  4. Subscribe to Lin to get access to the plan
  5. Work on care plan depending on the condition

A comprehensive and whole-person treatment approach

Treatment begins with an in-depth assessment conducted by a pain diagnostic specialist who is trained to identify the factors that contribute to your pain. Our unique partnership with SteadyMD represents the first telehealth providers who have been trained to diagnose Primary Chronic Pain using the ​​newest WHO standards, ICD-11, a standard of care that will not exist in most pain care clinics until at least 2023.

Accurate diagnosis is essential to understanding where and how the brain may be contributing to persisting pain. Likewise, this allows the Lin team to adjust treatment approaches where structural or inflammatory concerns are also present.

Today I started by:

Completing my comprehensive medical history and medication information.

After completing my comprehensive questionnaire about my medical history, the medications I take, allergies, and family history, I scheduled an appointment with Pain Specialist Dr. Abigail Hirsch for a 30-minute consultation on November 4th, 2021. A form was provided to let the doctor know what issues I wanted to address.

How many doctors give you 30 minutes of face time? When was the last time you even got the full 15 minutes?

After you schedule your consultation there are four days of dedicated topics to explore.


Day One “Does mood, worrying, or sleep bother you too? There is a one-minute video discussing the topic.

Then you take a short two-minute quiz on how the above affects your sleep.

I have been having sleeping problems due to pain for months so I was curious about the quiz. It gave me good insight into how lack of sleep has been affected my mood and some suggestion to help combat the effects.

On day four my coach asked me to dream about a life without pain. This exercise is to help you visualize what life can be like with less pain.

Completing Day Four means that you’re on the cusp of opening up the full power of Lin. After you complete today’s activities, we’ll be ready to talk about what kind of Lin package looks right for you.

Once a month, Lin Health adds questions to your check-in with your coach to help deepen your understanding of the progress you’ve made. As always, these check-ins give insight into your current experience of pain and serve as a baseline as you continue to move through your health journey with Lin.

My Consultation

During the Telehealth consultation, we discussed the issues I put forward when scheduling the meeting.

Dr. Hisrsch and I had an in-depth talk about what types of pain I’m having, what long-term health issues are, and my main issues to address in the meeting. I had her full attention for the 30-minute video call, she asked great in-depth questions and had me think about some of my thoughts surrounding my pain.

From this meeting, Dr. Hirsch will meet with my coach, Terri and they will put together a wellness plan. At this point, if you haven’t sign-up up with Lin Health you will need to in order to get access to your plan and work with the team to accomplish your goals.

Lin Health is a high-touch pain management company with a team of people behind the scenes to help you reach your goals.

My experience has been great and the flow is flawless. I would recommend anyone who is dealing with chronic pain to sign up with Lin Health and go thru the process to see how they can help put our pain in its place.


Our coaches: they’ve been there and they get it

Personal coaching is core to our pain treatment model. Our coaches are all people who have their own pain history and have reclaimed their lives using the tools we provide at Lin. Our coaches know pain treatment options inside and out and are available for you every day.

The Lin care model works. 90% of Lin members lower their pain intensity, reduce pain interference in their lives, and/or start to sleep comfortably, feel happy and calm, and cope better if pain flares.

It’s all about you

Lin Health gives you the tools and support needed to get on the road to a better you, you with less pain.

To your health,


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