National Family Caregivers Month

I’ve been a caregiver for both of my grandparents and know firsthand how difficult it can be no matter how much you love them or how many hours you give to the task at hand.

Most caregivers don’t get the support they need from family members at the time and some are resistant to bringing in help. I will encourage you to don’t think twice about the negative emotions of the lack of family support and hire home health to support you. Even if it’s one day a week to come to check their general health, it can take a load off.

They also have Senior Day Care Centers if you have to run an errand or need a few hours to yourself. I know this is a hard one and honestly one I could not do but it’s an option and there are good centers out there.

I tip my hat to all the caregivers who put all the energy and love they have into caring for a friend or loved one. Not everyone is cut out for the task and thank God some are.

I’ve included a few posts I’ve written about my caregiver experiences in case you missed them.

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A day in the Life of A Caregiver 

Stay strong, take time for yourself, even if’s it’s 10 minutes a day, take advantage of the time when they are sleeping to rest and recharge.

I would not miss one day I spent with my grandparents, no matter how long, frustrating, and painful, I treasure them now. I was there when they took their last breath and made good on my promise to take care of them until the end.

Be gentle on yourself, you’re one person with only so much energy, bandwidth, and hours in the day. the emotional drain is high. you have to find ways to take care of your mental health.



  1. We have a lot in common. My grandparents adopted and raised me (they are mom & dad). I was their primary caregiver whenever they needed me. I was always by their side, with them until their very last breath. When we found out my mother-in-law had a week to live, we had it all set up for her at my house.
    I think caring for people wholeheartedly and completely isn’t something you can be taught. My mother was the youngest of ten (a twin as well). She was the core of our gigantic family. While I was growing up I remember my mom taking in every family member who was sick or dying. I’d like to think that her legacy lives on in me in that same nurturing way.
    Honestly, I never, ever felt burdened taking care of anyone. Most of all not with any loved one. It was always my pleasure and honor that I could give back as much love as they’ve showed me.

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