Resolutions Set You Up To Fail

For years I’ve seen people put together a pie in the sky list of Resolutions at the beginning of each year and by the second or third month they look at the list and nothing is checked off. Here’s the reason, resolutions are wishes and wishes don’t magically come true. Resolutions set you up to fail.

If you want to accomplish something you have to set a goal, write it down, and have an action plan. That is how you look back and see progress during the year. The key to setting goals is to reaccess as the year progresses, maybe you need to change or set new goals.

I can wish to win the lottery and the only action I can take is to buy a ticket, the rest is up to karma! I have no control over winning beyond buying a ticket. But if I set a goal for something that is important for me to accomplish during the year and take action towards the goals then I have a good chance of accomplishing it if I want it bad enough.

I’m also realistic, I don’t have a list of 20 items, which is crazy. Set a reasonable number because you are going to have to put the work behind each goal to accomplish it.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the success in the world and know it’s within your control.



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