Five Tips For Successful Co-Parenting

Co-parenting is one of the hardest things to reconcile with when you have had a breakdown in a relationship. Coming together to continue to parent as a team isn’t always easy, but it’s something that has to be done if you want to ensure that your child grows to be better-rounded and secure in their relationship with you both. Working together to bring up happy and healthy children may be a challenge, but it’s something you must come together to do as soon as possible.

When you speak to a family attorney and you go through the rigors of divorce, you might be emotionally spent. A big part of the process is going to be deciding how your children live with you, and which parent is the primary carer. These are all big decisions to make and at times, it can feel like it’ll be impossible to get along with your child’s other parents, but it’s a must to keep the peace. So, with this in mind, here are five tips that you need for successful co-parenting:

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Work on boundaries

As parents and as individuals, you have to identify things about your relationships with your children that cannot change. You also have to identify the line between co parents and exes – and that’s the hard bit. Work on a calm and comfortable list of boundaries together, such as introducing your children to new partners, agreeing to set limits and tune into your feelings calmly. Agree to come together on parenting decisions and stick to that.

Make a schedule

It’s so essential to have a schedule that you work on together, and that you both respect. No chopping and changing the schedule after it’s set and any unforeseeable changes must be discussed in advance. Work together and come up with days and times you both see the children and create consistency. You have to keep their best interests as a common goal for you both.


It’s not easy to do this, so do it in text or chat mode if necessary. Communication is key and it’s very important that you work together on this. This has to be treated like a business partnership and that means that when it comes to the children, you constantly work together.

Maintain flexibility

You both must understand that life happens and changes aren’t there to spite the other parent. When changes need to be made, consider the impact on the children and how much flexibility you can allow without being walked all over and then go from there.

Remember respect

You must model respect for each other so that your children will see this and respect the relationship. Truly make the commitment to respect one another no matter what because you once loved each other enough to create children who will see how you treat each other. Be a couple that your children will feel comfortable around and will rely on, and you will find that your children are happier as a result.

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