7 Dangers To Look Out For After A Storm

Storms have been getting more frequent and more violent in recent years as a result of climate change. Knowing how to protect yourself from a storm is very important. Most of us understand the importance of taking shelter during a storm, however many of us don’t prepare for the dangers that can occur after a storm has passed. It’s often during the aftermath that most people sustain injuries or get sick. This post lists some of the dangers to look out for in the aftermath of a storm to prevent yourself from future harm.

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Damaged trees

High winds can often cause damage to trees. It’s important to check the trees around your home to make sure none of them are leaning or severely cracked – there could be a risk that they could come toppling down, damaging your home or harming someone. You should hire a tree removal company to safely remove these trees. Never attempt to remove a large tree yourself. 

Damaged guttering

Damaged guttering could also be a safety risk. Guttering can become loosened in a storm. There may then be a risk that it could fall off. Guttering is particularly dangerous if it has frozen water in it as it can have the impact of a falling branch. If your guttering doesn’t look like it’s in good condition after a storm, consider hiring a guttering repair company to take a look. 

Loose fence panels

Fence panels can often come loose following a storm. Burglars may see this as a vulnerability and may target your home if they can easily sneak into your backyard. Loose fence panels can also be a danger if you have pets such as dogs – there could be a risk of your dog getting out and getting itself into harm. By repairing any loose fence panels, you can eliminate these risks.

Loose roof tiles

You should also check the condition of your roof following a storm. A weakened roof could collapse at any time. Rainwater could also be leaking in, which could lead to the development of mold growth. To inspect the health of your roof, consider hiring a roofing company to take a look. 

Cracks in walls

Have you noticed any new cracks in your walls or any cracks that have got larger? Storms can sometimes weaken the structure of a home – particularly one that is already experiencing subsidence. It could be worth hiring a professional to check these cracks to make sure that they’re not a safety concern. 

Home flooding

Flooding can pose all kinds of dangers. One of the most serious dangers is the risk of electric shock – immediately following a storm, you should avoid treading in any water if the electricity is still on as there could be an electric current running through it (call an electrician for advice). Flooding can also cause water damage that can weaken your home. It can also lead to serious mold growth which could make you very sick. As a result, it’s important to get any flood damage cleared up as soon as you can. 

Black ice

If it’s cold and there’s been a lot of rain, the ground could get very icy. Many people fall over and injure themselves on black ice. If you think there could be a risk of ice forming, consider spreading some grit on the ground around your home. 

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