Fun Facts That Will Amaze You

I’m so glad you are enjoying Fun Facts. I learn something new each week, even if it’s weird. I love hearing your comments! 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s really, really hard to see the Great Wall of China from space, particularly with the naked eye. (

The first footprints on the moon will remain there for a million years. (

Days on Venus are longer than years. Due to its slow axis rotation, it takes 243 Earth days to spin once; but it only takes 225 Earth days to go around the sun. (

Humans could never “land” on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune because they are made of gas and have no solid surface. (

But you could ice skate on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, which is covered in ice. An Axel jump would take you 22 feet in the air! (

Our modern interpretation of Santa Claus with a red outfit and white beard is due in large part to holiday Coca-Cola ads that began in 1931. (






  1. I love these little tidbits of interesting info. I knew there was a lot gas on Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, but thought there was some kind of solid core. I just read that Jupiter also contains liquid. So strange and fascinatingly different! “Footprints on the moon will remain there for a million years.” I hope no one messed them up.

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