1. What if I had gotten a math tutor and stuck with biology as college major? I could have saved the planet! Ha Ha. I didn’t know it, but I had to study psychology to save myself. If I had avoided the rebound from hell, I would have saved myself a lot of stress, but then maybe I would not appreciate my husband as much. We really can’t know for sure how things would have turned out. Maybe there are bigger reasons for the paths we travel.

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  2. Having a mentor in 1986 when I was a new nurse would have helped.

    Unsure if I had studied the right major and very frustrated, I continued working and returned to college, getting a four year degree in Speech Therapy.
    Single parenthood prevented going to Graduate school. However, if I’d had access to a mentor at work, maybe I might have put myself through the stress of additional studies , when I was right in the first place ! I just needed a support system.

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