Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SOCS Prompt is Tip

Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “tip.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

This prompt is easy, the tip of my tongue. The tip is so sore from rubbing it on my teeth and gums. I’ve read where a chip or something can set this obsessive behavior off. I just want it to stop. I feel like my tongue is going to split open. I’ve contacted my dentist and Phsychatrist but no word yet on a solution.

As for another tip, it’s actually several tips.

This is my first participation in at least a year so it’s a short one.

For more streams, rules, and tips for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, visit our host, Linda at:

Have a great weekend.





  1. The tongue is an amazing organ. I hope yours relaxes and heals. At times I’ve had a problem with biting on the inside of my mouth. My tongue plays a role in this, but it’s gotten better when I focus forward. That’s a beautiful flower!

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          1. mental health reblogs… i made this list (kinda directory) of mental health warriors, which you have joined too. every few months i try to do reblogs of posts from everyone on the list, and anyone who has to say something on the subject. Purpose being, raising more awareness by sharing first hand stories.

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