Depression: How To Cope When Everything Is Going Wrong

Things going wrong in life is a normal part of the journey. They aren’t always going to pan out how you hope. However, when you have depression, it can be more challenging to process. Even minor disruptions can feel like a disaster. 

Depression makes life harder. It can feel like an enormous effort just getting through the day. When something goes wrong, particularly if it is serious, then it can derail you entirely. 

Unfortunately, life will throw curveballs at you from time to time. Therefore, it’s critical to know how to respond if you are living with depression. Here are some tips. 

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Breathwork is something that yogis and sages have been doing for millennia, and for good reason: it really works. When you take time to do a series of deep breaths from the stomach, you’ll notice that it fundamentally changes how you feel. You go from feeling tense to a more relaxed state. 

Meditation practices that focus on breathing can help people get through stressful times. When things go wrong, just lying down, closing your eyes, and doing some deep breathing can really help. 

Tell Other People How You Feel

If you’ve never had depression before, it is hard to really understand the complexities of it. You have a lack of energy, fatigue, and disturbed sleep. It’s hard to just perform daily tasks. 

When things go wrong, it creates anger and frustration. Because your life is so difficult already, adding more hassle makes it feel even more unbearable. 

If you are struggling, tell other people how you feel. Explain what your symptoms mean and how they affect you. Get them to understand where you are coming from. 

Look For Help

When things go wrong in your life, you don’t necessarily have to live with it. In many cases, you can get help. 

For instance, if you get a citation, look for a traffic ticket fighter who can prevent money from draining your bank account. Or, if you have a problem with your boss, find an advocate who can make your case. 

When it comes to asking for help, be kind to yourself. Let other people give you support. In many cases, it’s something that they want to give to you. 

Seek Out The Positives In The Situation

Life might seem dreadfully serious all the time, but changing your perspective can help tremendously. Seeing the funny side of a situation can change how you feel in a profound way and actually lessen the suffering when things go wrong. Use bad times as a learning opportunity: a springboard for new things in your life. 

Do One Thing At A Time

Lastly, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by things going wrong in your life, fix one thing at a time. Don’t attempt to do everything all at once. 

Take some time to prioritize what you can actually fix first and then move down the list. Do each task one step at a time. Break it up into chunks and get other people to help. 

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