The Clearing App Provides Pain Management On Your Time

Clearing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your pain with 24/7 access to the Care-Team, making healthcare available on your time. No more waiting in line, calling for an appointment, or having to wait until the doctor is available. Clearing gives you access at your fingertips backed by a highly qualified medical team of specialists. 

Clearing is Recommended by America’s top pain management doctors

The Medical Advisory Board has 150+ Combined years of professional medical experience

Doctor’s Representing 10 of America’s leading hospitals

465+ Combined medical papers on chronic pain

How we work with our advisors

  • They review our clinical protocols to make sure clinicians at Clearing provide top-notch, comprehensive care.
  • Our advisors tune us into what’s next, from new conditions to the latest scientific breakthroughs in pain relief.
  • They partner with clinicians at Clearing on best practices for everything from behavioral habits to psychological impact.

81% of Clearing patients feel substantial, noticeable relief within 5 weeks*.

*Based on aggregate patient data.

The doctors, the treatments, and the support you deserve, from the comfort of home

Here are a few types of Pain Clearing Supports



Wrist Pain

Sore Ankles

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Feet Tingles

For a comprehensive list go to Clearing here.


It’s time to take control of your pain.

I dove in headfirst and joined Clearing to get first-hand knowledge about the App. I want to understand the process, and how Clearing works.  

The Signing Up Process

I provided a medical history overview that includes a detailed description of the pain for each area of the body I highlight.

You’re asked specif questions about each area of the body including some visual exercises to see if they cause pain. 

Patients are then partnered with a medical doctor as a part of their Care Team and once the medical information is reviewed, your doctor lays out your program via email from your team.

Your entire Care Team works side-by-side with you to fine-tune your plan and track your personal goals and progress.

Meet my Health coach Hadley. 

I’m Hadley, a Health Coach at Clearing. I’m so excited to partner with you.

You can count on me for:
• Weekly Check-Ins
• Accountability
• Support

We’ll work through the hard times, celebrate every win, and figure it all out, together.

Others on my Care Team

Dr. Jacob Pain Doctor

Ava Care Coordinator 

Upon Sign Up I received:

Home Exercise Program which is a 20-minute program designed for my target area. 

1:1 Meet with Health Coach

Prescription Compound Cream

Community: Join the Clearing: The Journey to Chronic Pain Relief group!

The monthly plan includes the Medical Review, Home Exercise Program, a 1:1 meeting with Health Coach, Prescription Compound Cream, Chronic Pain Relief Group plus 24/7 access to your Care Team. 

  • Extras include their Highly concentrated CBD Cream and Proprietary Neutraceuticals. Find out more here. 


Joining Clearing was easy, it only took a few minutes, was stress-free, and put me in touch with a Care Team as soon as I completed the process. Dr. Vydyanathan reviewed my medical information, put together my care plan and my prescription pain cream shipped the next day and arrived within a week. 

My pain cream was formulated for arthritis, neuropathy, and muscle spasms. I applied the cream to my legs, it’s a nice consistency, light menthol smell and it went to work. I noticed a significant difference in the number of muscle spasms and my neuropathy did not bother me as usual. 

Clearing is an opioid-free solution. The types of therapy offered can include nutraceuticals, a prescription compound cream, CBD cream, targeted exercises, and access to pain specialists who can guide you toward better pain management.

The Clearing alternative 

To sum it up, we know opioids have their place, but we will not be prescribing them at Clearing. Instead, we will be doing everything we can to match you with opioid-free options for long-term relief, so that treatments are as safe and supportive as possible. Our personalized, whole-body treatment plans combine non-opioid medications, personalized exercises and stretches, and high-touch care from a team of specialized providers delivered via our telehealth platform. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your pain journey, get started now with a trial.


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