Review of Vital Field Pollen Frequencell

Backed by four decades of scientific research Vital Field has expanded its product line to include a Pollen Frequencell. When I received the email announcing the product I had to try it. Living in Texas is not a matter of if you’ll get allergies but when. I started having problems two years ago and walk around most days with a Kleenex in my pocket, frustrating. I contacted Communications Director Nassia Bitha and asked her to send me one to try and review.

A little about Vital Field

Vital fields enable living systems – cells, organs, and micro-organisms – to transfer information and energy across the system (or body) instantly, helping the body’s cells to repair, regenerate, and protect against life’s cumulative stressors, such as toxins, stress, trauma, injury, and electrosmog.

Vital fields have been researched and developed over the past four decades by scientists and a community of over 2,800 clinics and health practitioners in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, who use them in wide health related applications, from chronic disease to athletic performance.

A little about the Frequencell

A patented composite material developed by a team of scientists in Austria that can charge and retain therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies with minimal emission loss, successfully tested by cell labs, practitioners, and clinics since 2017.

The composite cell material allows advanced Vital Field therapies to be stored in wearable devices, thereby significantly undercutting the cost of traditional pain-relieving techniques.

Pollen Cell

The Pollen Cell balances the mucous membrane loads in the respiratory tract, caused by pollen, and lets you go through your day without giving allergy sensitivity another thought.

Recommended use: From May to August. Alleviate discomfort from wild flowers and grass.

Research and customer testimonials show that the Pollen Cell is more effective when applied early. Results and relief might take a few days of use. Permanent use during the season is recommended.

My Thoughts

As I’m writing this it’s Sunday and my nose has been running all morning. I’ve gone thru a handful of Kleenex and it’s only noon. I take two prescription medications for allergies but they only help so much. I’ve been working out in the backyard so my allergies are flaring.

I placed the cell on my 7th cervical vertebra as instructed and waited to see what happens. I’m hopeful because I had great results with the Pain Relief cell. It’s 11:55 AM.

It’s now 2:50 PM and I realized my nose had stopped running and had not reached for a Kleenex in hours. I don’t understand the technology inside the Pollen Frequencell but I can say it works. I’m actually surprised it worked so fast.

About 6:00 PM I grabbed my first Kleenex and that’s the only one this afternoon.

If you have problems with allergies I highly recommend you check out Vital Field’s site for all the information and more about the technology. Put those allergies in their place.

Use discount code LIGHT20 for 20% off any Vital Field product.

You can see the entire Vital Field product line here.

I am very impressed with Vital Field and know you will be too.


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