1. The idea that I have to be friends with my litter sister no matter how she treats me.

    In an emergency, I’ve got her back, but I no longer feel obligated to keep that precept in place just because we have the same parents!

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  2. Resentments over what I lost as a child and teen due to abuse and over sheltering. So many years, and how it affected me into my 20’s. I don’t think I can just put it to rest, but I am working on it through therapy. It’s a process.

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    1. Trama we go thru in our life is different than the next. How long have you been in therapy? I’m 59 and have been in therapy for 30 years. It’s has made a world of difference and in some areas not so much. I think that not all trauma can be dealt with. Have a great weekend.

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