Here’s a great video of President Ronald Reagan being interviewed by Johnny Carson from 1975

This video is so refreshing and I look forward to the day someone like Ronald Reagan runs for office. I try hard to keep out of politics but it’s very hard these days not to have an opinion, most of them strong. There are many areas of our government that is broken and still broken since he left office. I’m not saying he is the greatest President in the world, I’m saying I love his candor and attitude. 

It’s a great video regardless of what side of the aisle you stand on. 

Ronald Reagan Interview on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 01/03/1975 – Part 02 – Bing video

Photo by Pixabay on

The most important comment he made was, not verbatim, that people need to look to themselves to solve problems, not the government. Amen and a cherry on top!!!!!

I was a Republican until Trump entered my world. I voted for the SOB, boy was that a bad decision? Until a Moderate Republican runs for office I will remain a Democrat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fundamentally against the ultimate goal of the Democratic party, to make America a Socialist society. But that’s the evil I have to deal with. The thought of Trump running for President again makes my stomach curl and my head hurt. How shameful, he is the opposite of what a President is expected to do and act.  

I personally believe if you don’t vote, you don’t receive benefits unless you’re elderly or other without means. I know it takes time but I would verify the “means” part because there is so much abuse in some service areas like Medicaid, housing assistance, and food stamps. Look at all the people and companies that walked away with billions of Covid Relief dollars, so much fraud it’s beyond belief. 

If we focused on getting the fat out of our government, and fraud out of all the social services we could probably knock the debt out or a large portion. 

That’s what happens to many programs, they have a good meaning behind them but if you offer a service, someone will break the rules. Yes, I can be a cynic when it comes to government and who gets or spends the government monies. 

I’m tired of people expecting something for nothing. You need something from the government, you have to give/do something in return. Like my Gramps who worked for the government program CCC. After the war jobs were hard to find. The way the government worked then is, work for us building highways and planting trees and we’ll pay you a weekly wage. BEST idea ever! No handout, you work for what you get.  


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