To My Husband of 20 years

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we met at a New Years’ Eve party neither of us planned to attend. Guess you call that Karma. Being 38 and divorced, I was in no rush to get seriously involved but your actions spoke louder than words and they showed me who you were on the inside.

Starting a new relationship with a chronic illness is tricky, when do tell them about your illness? I believe in the up-front manner. When I told you about my mental illness, it was a big relief for me and you could make the decision for yourself. You took a leap of faith.

Neither of us could have looked at a crystal ball and guessed what our future held. You had no idea you were committing to a life of sickness but you never blink an eye, you jump right in to help. I can’t begin to say thank you enough for keeping your commitment, actions are the truth.

Here are a few examples of how love is louder than words

  • Every night I was in the Psychiatric hospital you would bring me dinner when you got off work, which was an hour away.
  • You made sure we flew first-class when we were traveling to Washington, DC for my Lyme treatments. The pain was indescribable, and the extra space was a lifesaver.
  • When I broke my wrist you would open my yogurt and place it in a cup I could open. You even wrote the names of the flavors on top.

Thru all the doctor appointments, illnesses, and disappointments you have never wavered in your commitment and never made me fill guilty when I was away for weeks at a time taking care of my grandparents. Actions speak louder than words.

Our life may look different than we thought it would but I would not trade a minute of our time together. I’m looking forward to your retirement and our new life, new adventures, and more great memories.

Here’s to 20 more!



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