Making Light Work Of Decluttering

Decluttering is all the rage as a concept, but it can help people live a calmer and more relaxed life. Living with less offers the chance to spend less time cleaning and tidying up, and physical clutter also leads to mental clutter

So how can you make light work of the clutter in your home? 

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Donation & Free

To get rid of large items quickly or bags of clothes, you don’t feel like sorting through donations can be the fastest route. People are often happy to pick things up quickly when there isn’t a price tag. 

Your chosen charity will benefit from the goods when people buy them, and you’ll know you did something for the planet and the people in the area. 

Only donate things in good condition. 

Yard sale

Bring the buyers to your door with a yard sale. Those who haven’t had yard sales before can feel a bit awkward just putting your items on the lawn for others to browse and buy. But some people are dedicated to buying yard sale items and selling them as a business. Reading some yard sale tips will help you make the most of the sale. 


This could be any number, but starting with 5 is a great place. Find 5 things that need to go, 5 things you can donate, and 5 things to sell. Do this weekly to keep the steady decluttering pace without overwhelming yourself. 


It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that need to be cleared and removed. Making a list for each room can make the job a lot easier. You can check off a few items on the list and track where you have gotten up to. 

Short bursts 

Unless you have a team dedicated to helping you clear out the house in record time, it is more beneficial to do it in short bursts until you get to where you want to be. Doing it in short sharp bursts means it won’t become overwhelming or feel like you have taken on too much. Setting 30-minute times and selecting a goal on the list is the best way to keep progressing without taking too much. 


One thing that makes people feel like they need to declutter is insufficient storage for the space. When you have the right size and style of storage, everything will have its place – and it will look less messy. 

It can be as simple as adding extra shelving or getting roll-away storage under the bed. 


Be ruthless when it comes to your trash. Anything that isn’t for donation and likely won’t sell should make its way to the trash. Try to recycle where possible – but make putting things in the trash one of your favorite things. 

Use-by dates

Tins, jars, dried goods, makeup, and skin care have a use-by date. Go through yours and ensure that anything out or almost out makes it to the bin. This can clear up a huge amount of space. 

Read more about the benefits of a clean home: Can A Clean House Make You Feel Better? 

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