Fun Facts

Hi, thanks for stopping by today. I love hearing your comments each week. We learn some interesting things, don’t we?

Honeybees can get drunk on fe

It’s a common misconception that squirrels forget where they hide about half of their nuts.

People with brain damage can suffer from “joke addiction.”

Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females.

There isn’t a single verified case of a snow leopard attacking a human.





  1. Out of curiosity, how do billy goats manage to pee on their own heads? I wish my imagination weren’t so vivid as I can see this quite well and it’s not looking possible. Unless they pee on each other? Thank goodness humans don’t do this! Outside the bars we’d just see guys peeing on each others heads and thinking their “babe magnets” smelling of urine!

    The first fact got cut off I think. “Honeybees can get drunk on fe” – I’m going to fill this one in myself. Honeybees can get drunk on.. fewer drinks than my mum?


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    1. I tried to imagine how he peed on himself too. It’s their billy goat expertise! Pee would not lure me in. In the streets of Paris, they have places to pee for men. it’s quite hard for a woman unless hard up. It’s just a grove in the wall with a drain at the bottom. I drank back then but I don’t remember having to use them. I made sure I used the bathroom everywhere we went. It’s quite a site the first time. Think on that one!

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      1. That’s interesting (and a bit disturbing) that they have places for men to pee on the street in Paris. We had a foreign family next door for a year or so and there was peeing in the backyard during parties. Now, it makes me wonder if it’s just a cultural thing.

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