Want To See Awards Again, Why Not Start With The Versatile Blogger Award

This is a post from 2015 about The Versatile Blogger Award. There was a time when Awards were common and then they stopped. You can start them again. If you know a blogger that fits the description I encourage you to send them the award. It’s a nice way to say you’re thinking about them.

If you’re interested in what awards are out there, you can do a WP search or look back thru my archives, you’ll have to look a ways back, maybe 2015 & 2016 because I stopped taking awards after my page was overflowing with them.

Some of the bloggers below have changed sites or taking a break from writing. This post just gives you the idea and the rules of the award.

I want to give a big thanks to Blogger One Among Many for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. I appreciate how you stop by often and leave comments. What makes your Blog interesting is your free-form style and open conversation about just about everything. I urge everyone to visit https://oneamongmany.wordpress.com.

7 Things About Me

In my high school street racing days, I stood between cars to start the race.

I raced our 76′ Camaro SS at Green Valley Raceway. My husband normally drove 13’s in a quarter-mile. I drove 14’s even with the mistake of throwing it into neutral. Racing gets me high, high, high!  Our car had no back or passenger seats, and super hulk under the hood.

Driving in a NASCAR race is the pinnacle for me. I would wear my depends, you never know.

Photo by chris howard on Pexels.com

I love books, sometimes it’s nice to touch pages instead of a keyboard.

Once I am well, I plan to minister to sick/dying children, the elderly, and the homeless. I now know why I survived my traumatic life.

I love birds of prey. A Red Tail Hawk family stops by daily for a drink and bath. A highlight of my day.

I’m excited about starting The Pud’n Cup Charity. My gramps called me “Pud” all my life.

Awards are time-consuming yet your Blogs are special and I want to let you know. I want the WP family to meet you and enjoy your site as much as I do. It will not hurt my feelings how you choose to bend the rules.

Putting My Feet In The Dirt   http://puttingmyfeetinthe.com

Better Not Broken   http://betternotbroken.com

Van By The River   http://vanbytheruver.wordpress.com

Bipolar for Life   http://bipolarforlife.me

Noir      http://sedge808.com

DDDangerous.com      http://dddangerous.com

Adoption   http://caseyalexanderblog.wordpress.com


Thank the person who nominated you.

Display Badge on your site.

Tell us 7 things about yourself.

Nominate 7-10 Blogs

SMILE REAL BIG! Each of you has inspired, educated, and entertained me, Thank you. Have fun passing the award along to your inspiration.

XO Warrior


  1. I remember when blog awards were a big thing. I only see the occasional one now. It always seemed like a good way to get to know the blogger and to give a shout-out to other bloggers at the same time. I guess it helped build up backlinks for a lot of bloggers, too. x

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    1. I loved them until I started getting several a week and could not keep up. When I was so sick with Lyme, I pretty much quit. They are great way as you said to get to know bloggers and maybe gain a few followers. Maybe by doing posts occasionally someone will start again. They made me feel special when I first started getting them, especially the harder ones. 🙂

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