Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did You Know?

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. That’s one person every 2 minutes in the U.S

The two most common risk factors of breast cancer are being born female and getting older.

In 2022, it is estimated that nearly 44,000 people in the U.S. will die from breast cancer.

These number get my attention!

One of the most important appointments you can keep each year is to get a mammogram.

Fortunately, organization like Susan G. Komen spend each year advocating and educating themselves on the latest research. With them staying in top of the facts, its helps us by getting the latest information.


Know Your Risk

Knowing your family history is lifesaving. Talk to a doctor about your family history and see how that history impacts your risk of breast cancer. You and your doctor can create a personalized plan to monitor for signs of the disease.

Get Screened

For those at average risk, have a mammogram every year starting at age 40. If you have any signs of breast cancer, finding it early and treating it early may save your life.  

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle is within your control and may lower your risk of breast cancer. Maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol intake and exercise regularly. It all matters when it comes to your overall health and risk of disease.

Need Help?

The Komen Breast Care Helpline is a free resource available for every person, including survivors, caregivers, those living with metastatic breast cancer and people who have not yet been touched by breast cancer but have questions about how to better care for themselves. The Helpline specialists and oncology social workers provide emotional support and guidance to resources and Komen’s other Patient Care Center services, such as financial assistance, access to screening and diagnostic services, and patient navigation.

Mark you calendar early every year so you can get an appointment.




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