I Need YOU!

You look up and it’s October, pushing November, where did the time go? I’m doing an annual check of how I’m doing at Looking for the Light. I’ll keep it short, please take a minute to give your feedback.

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

I’m asking a few questions about my blog but please chime in on anything else.

How am I doing?

How do you feel about the layout and flow of my blog?

Are my post informative and easy to read?

Is the font large enough?

What topics would you like to see more of?

What organizations would you like me to add to the page Organizations That Can Help?

What else?

Thanks a million, I truly appreciate you reading my blog and helping me to make it better.



  1. I’m afraid mine will be rather useless, but positive, feedback.

    How do you feel about the layout and flow of my blog? – I like it! Easy to use. Might be handy to see social media icons at the top for quick navigation but that’s all.

    Are my post informative and easy to read? – Yes. Often short and easier to digest as someone with poor concentration these days.

    Is the font large enough? – Nice large font.

    What topics would you like to see more of? – I like personal updates, as well as tips posts and more educational info on different topics.


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      1. Yeah, so at the moment your Twitter posts are down the side which is great. The only thing I can think is to add some icons to the very top of the site so people can quickly navigate to Twitter, send an email etc. x

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        1. I’ve worked on some changes. On the Organizations The Can Help page, I’ve built a bring-down menu so people will no longer have to scroll the entire page. I’m going back later to add some URLs and a photo. As for Twitter, I went for moving the feed way up the top but only show 1 tweet. I didn’t want the page to look crowded. What do you think?

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          1. Sounds great, Mel. And the shorter but higher up Twitter feed looks very neat.
            I don’t know if the new coins are out yet but if I spot one and it’s in good condition, I’ll keep it. Maybe bury it in the garden so someone in the future will find treasure that might be worth something! xx

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  2. Heads up–I clicked on the feedback link and it sent me to a company that helps you create and collect feedback forms, not the form itself (I’ve created those kind of links myself).

    I do have one bit of feedback. If I was looking for helpful organizations, I would prefer to not have to scroll through all the categories, but instead have a way to quickly go to whatever category I want.

    Secondly, consider adding Project Semicolon. (https://projectsemicolon.com/) Good organization with lots of resources. I am proud of my semicolon tattoo–the one and only tattoo I have. (And shameless plug, I wrote a blog post on Project Semicolon on my blog because how often does a punctuation mark save lives?)

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