Happy Birthday Gramps

I was your little girl from the beginning and your love shined thru until your last breath. We had so much fun watching beauty contests when I was little, you would watch me practice my walk thru the living room. It’s so funny that you gave me a football helmet for my 2nd birthday, I love looking at the photo of me riding my tricycle in the backyard with it on.

The examples you set are with me today, you didn’t tell me what to do, you quitely showed me. The garden was a big part of who we were, always working the dirt, planting, and then canning. The garden was the perfect way to teach a teenager with no patience, to sow and wait. I think life is like that, we have to put in the time to get the reward.

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

I thank God he brought you into my life, you’re the only father I had. Thank you for taking me in as a teenager, you changed my life.




  1. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt post, Melinda. Your Gramps sounded wonderful and what a great ‘teacher’ to you. I’m so sorry that you’ve lost him. You must miss him a lot as he seemed like a very important part of your life. It’s good that the lessons he taught you are still with you now. That’s a great tribute to him. Thanks for sharing part of your childhood. Xx 💓

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