Celebrate The Tiny Victories

It can be difficult when you have a chronic illness or mobility challenges to remember this is your life now. It’s not yesterday, your mindset has to change and it’s not easy to accept. I’ve been struggling for a long time and today I forced myself to look at what I accomplished in a micro view. 

The smallest victory is a victory. I had to force my eyes to look closely at the tiny victories and give myself a pat on the back. We can get caught up in our illness, and what we can’t do, and that can weigh on our shoulders. If you can see one victory in a day, it’s a good day.


Took medication

Put laundry away except for what’s in the machine

Talked with pharmacy

Talked via email with my Psychiatrist

I woke up at 10:00 am instead of noon

Brushed teeth

Wrote half a post.

Yesterday was a good day, I accomplished more than the day before. Another way to stay positive is to look at what you’ve done, not the long to-do list. Look for the tiny chores every day to keep the positive mindset alive. 

To some, this looks like a long list and others think it is no big deal. The truth is, It Doesn’t Matter What Others Think! You have to chart your own course.

How do you stay focused on the tiny victories?



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