Dealing With Anxiety In Work Situations

Work situations are difficult to navigate sometimes. Anxiety sets in and you may feel as if you are sinking. Thankfully there are ways to ease your stress. From breathing techniques to yoga, and more, there are ways to help reduce your stress. You may have already looked at CBD and other types of cannabis and in this case, you may want to look at Budder Bongs, but you should always be responsible. 

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Sometimes the problems with work are borne out of social activities in the workplace. In order to be comfortable with your co-workers, try to expand your comfort zone. Consciously try to create small talk with people you meet throughout the day: at lunch, in the elevator, or in the coffee corner. Try to initiate short conversations or flatter when the place is in place. Such behavior will teach others that you are an accessible person and can be talked to. Remember that it is not so important to say the right thing, it is more important to be present. People are usually more comfortable with who they know.

Conversations with authority figures

Those who suffer from social anxiety may have difficulty talking to their supervisor. Any communication with your manager may be difficult for you. You may have difficulty with the simplest questions, it is common for people with social anxiety to try to get away with asking and finding out with the manager the information they need. Unfortunately, avoiding a conversation with the manager can impair your functioning and the manner in which the task is fulfilled: you will find yourself working long hours in a way that will ultimately not be to the satisfaction of your superiors.

Meetings and work meetings

If you feel uncomfortable in meetings – try to get to the meeting a quarter of an hour earlier so you can meet others when they arrive. Most people who suffer from social anxiety and shyness come to meetings late so that they do not have to socialize with others. But this behavior only makes you feel more isolated and stressed. During meetings, try to remember that others must also feel uncomfortable and have difficulty speaking. Quite a lot of people actually have difficulty expressing their opinions. If you take the initiative and speak first, it will reassure the rest and they will appreciate and respect you for it. Try to replace the negative thought with a more accurate, or more helpful thought: “I’m usually good enough in meetings.” Even if this mental exercise feels strange and strange to you, over time it will reduce your insecurity in work meetings. You will soon start to make a shift and feel more confident.

Social events

Workplaces usually hold social events that you are expected to attend. Company trips, zoom parties, joint video photography, farewell party, and conferences. The human resources department works hard to connect the employees and for most of them, a fun day is really fun. For people with social anxiety, these events can be particularly difficult – they expose their social shame – their difficulty in feeling comfortable.

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