When Medication Side-Effects Cause Harm

Most people who take medication know there are side effects to everything including over-the-counter options. Most won’t even notice the side effects that are minor and they go away quickly. I just came off medication due to getting several of the worst side effects which have created havoc in my life.

My Salivary Glands aren’t working,  and my doctor called in medication to help ease my stomach. The first medication had Lupus at the top of the side effects. Why expose my already weakened immune system to Lupus? The second drug was a disaster, and it wreaked havoc on my Gastrointestinal system which created so much pain. The medications also gave me right-side pain like you’re having a heart attack.

The medication was causing more harm than the original problem. My doctor ordered several tests on my Esophagus and looked for damage to my stomach. Based on the test, my Esophagus needs more investigation. I am waiting for the hospital to call for scheduling. He ordered a biopsy of my Esophagus and is looking at why some fluid went into my lungs on the last test.

I will continue to put my health first and get a second opinion before more invasive tests are ordered.

Before taking any medication it’s important to read all the side effects before taking them. Know the concerning side effects that tell you to call your doctor and know the most serious side effects, these are the ones that land you in the hospital or worse.





    1. In general, people don’t get the worst of drug side effects, in over 30 years I’ve never had this happen. These we’re some very strong drugs on top of the others I take and my body went into reject mode. I’m feeling better and waiting to schedule the test. Have a great day.

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