Book Review for The Marvelous Magical Door by Leo Perry

 I want to thank Editor Andrea Marchiano from Trigger Publishing for sending me The Marvelous Magical Door to review. Mental Health books written for children teach by writing in a level they understand and will help you start a conversation on the subject. 

About the Author

Leo is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and has been working in community mental health. He and his wife, Deborah along with their vizsla dog, Scout live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. They love spending family time with their children and grandson.


Sally’s story starts like many children’s do these days: Her mind has started to swirl with negative thoughts, which stop her from sleeping, enjoying her favorite activities or even spending time with her friends. But luckily for Sally, her parents have a plan to make her feel safe and secure once again. All she has to do is step through a marvellous, magical door.

The Marvellous, Magical Door delicately deals with the anxiety and pressure that today’s kids feel. Even if you can’t build your children a magical door of their own, you can use the self-care tips shared in this book to make them feel better – and help them get back to being carefree kids again

My Thoughts

As a parent, you can see the bumps and bruises but not what is spinning in your child’s mind. Young Sally experiences anxiety from the scary images seen at night, loud noises, and even overhearing the evening news. 

Growing concerned, her parents look for ways to calm her fears. A great idea is born and they build a magical door for Sally, a door to walk thru that will melt her anxiety away. When Sally opens the door, her mood is lifted by the positive energy surrounding her and the anxious feelings disappear.

In addition to the storyline, the self-care tips help your child to face the world confidently.

I would recommend The Marvellous Magical Door to parents and grandparents alike. The story will build on the foundation of your child’s mental health by getting the conversation started. 

Trigger Publishing is the first mental health organization of its kind. We are bringing mental health recovery and balance to millions of people worldwide through the power of our books.

We have built a first-class resource of curated books produced and published in-house to create a unique collection of mental health recovery titles unrivaled in quality and selection. We work with experts, psychologists, doctors, and coaches to produce our books, but we also work with real people looking to share their stories to reach out to others and provide hope, understanding, and compassion. These brave authors also aim to raise awareness of mental health’s “human” face and its impact on everyday lives. 


Looking for the Light

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