How To Save Money On Most Anything

Inflation has driven many people to look for coupons for the first time only to find that coupons don’t come in the mail anymore. Company Savings Programs, Shopping, and Reward Apps are the first lines of defense and there are many to pick from.

The first place to look for cost savings is with the companies you work with. In our case, we shop at Kroger. They have a Loyalty Program that not only gives you coupons but also gives discounts on gas. Who would not want a grocer like that?

Our local CVS (drug store) pays a reward on many items including prescriptions. You sign up for the program and are given a card to use at checkout. Your card is scanned at the beginning of check-out and the money is in your account until the cash-out date. In this case, the reward money can only be used at CVS.

Don’t forget to look at Savings Programs offered directly from the stores you shop at. I belong to the Savings Programs for several of the stores I shop at. The companies offer a small reward for shopping with them and if they work with a company like Ratuken, it’s a double reward.

As far as Apps go, I use the reward Apps PayPal Honey and Ratuken for my online shopping. They are loaded in my browser and automatically pick up if a reward is offered. The rewards are turned into money and stack up fast. The other tip is, companies change the percentage paid by Ratuken regularly. If I don’t need anything right away, I wait until the percentage offered by Ratuken is higher before buying.

Another way to shop is to go straight to PayPal Honey and Ratuken sites and shop from their store list. These are just two Apps but there are many to pick from to meet your needs.

To find out what Apps are right for you, go to the App Store, review what’s available, and look for Apps that offer rewards to the largest number of stores to give you the best opportunity to earn. Make sure to read reviews before downloading.



  1. Lots of good tips. I know myself, I do alot of comparison shopping when looking for something online. Alot of times the same item is sold by different companies. As the old saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned.

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    1. Don’t forget to shop your closet first before you head out to the shops. I’ve been guilty of buying the same thing! HAHA. Because of my health, I do all of my shopping at Amazon and two clothing stores. You have to compare prices on Amazon as well. One of the tricks I use is to put what I want but don’t need right now, I put on my Wish List and keep my eye on it to see if they have been marked down. Happy saving!

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