If YOU Think Someone Reblogging YOUR Post Is PLAGIARISM, Turn Off Reblog Button!

WordPress is at it again, making changes to something that’s not broken and not telling anyone about the changes, not to mention more changes are coming. So when the hell are they going to tell us?????

After close to 20 years with WP maybe it’s time to find another host. WP has the worst communication when it comes to keeping the Happiness Engineers and community up-to-date.

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Here’s a glimpse of an email and current chat I’m on.


Since 5/11 my headlines and photos don’t show up when I reblog from Looking for the Light to Survivors Blog Here. I’ve been reblogging for 14 years to that site and have never had this problem. I emailed two days ago and haven’t heard back.


I’d be happy to help you with that. We have received feedback from numerous customers who feel that reblogging appears somewhat plagiaristic. To better follow the original intent of reblogging, which is to reshare content that users appreciate, we’ve implemented some recent changes. There are some changes that have been released and some others that are being implemented. If there is something you want to reshare tomorrow. You can add a featured image and title for this particular post.

In the meantime, I’ve reached out to the development team to get a better understanding of the upcoming changes to share with you. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.


If people don’t want their work reblogged they can turn off the button, that’s how it works. WP is now changing that?

It’s not a matter of working like it should, it’s that WP is saying people are complaining about plagiarism and have changed the process. But the process has not been released to the users. And more changes are coming.


I can confirm, the reblogging feature is being reworked and the hope is to have this resolved soon. The end result will be more of what you are used to which shows the title and image. In the meantime, things will be in this awkward stage. The developers are working to finish the updates as quickly as possible.

Yes and no. The underlying system and process is being updated but the end result will be more of what you are used to when it is finished. I have shared your feedback with the team. I realize this situation is not ideal!


Now I’m writing a post and can’t find the category section, are they messing with that too? What are bloggers to do, just stop until engineers finish their changes?

To make it worse, My Allow Comments and trackbacks were disabled. This is crazy! They are making your job much harder.


There should still be a Categories area in the sidebar settings of your Editor. But if you’re unable to find it, feel free to share the link to the post you’re working on, and I’ll take a closer look(edited)

Thanks for waiting, I see what you mean this far regarding the missing Categories area in both editors, that is strange! Mostly because Categories are still required for all posts, so that hasn’t changed.

I don’t know if this is actually being caused by changes from our developers or from a conflict from another area of your site, so I’ll do a bit of troubleshooting to confirm this first. This may take me a few minutes, but I’ll reply in the chat with any progress.

The Happiness Engineer solved the problem with the Category Section, no clue on when Reblogging will return to the new normal.




  1. I’m not a fan of the onslaught of ongoing changes to the WP platform. I feel the changes are geared towards attracting professional bloggers and web commerce sites, rather than personal bloggers. I think the changes are mostly user unfriendly for personal blogs. I don’t even understand the changes they explained regarding the reblog option, but I agree with you, bloggers can disable the option if they don’t want their content reblogged.

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    1. To make it worse, all someone has to do is turn off the reblog button, so why make changes to something not broken. I get so frustrated with them at least several times a year but the truth is, every time I hear one of my blogging friends say they changed to a new host, it always causes problems and they often change again. It’s not worth that to me. At least they could tell the Happiness Engineers that answer these questions so they are not blindsided by the slew of emails and chats. Just venting! Thanks for commenting.

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      1. I’ve been on WP for far too long to change up now. I like it here, but the the slew of ongoing changes are difficult to navigate. I miss the old themes…they were quite fun and interesting. What exactly happened when you tried to reblog?

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        1. The computers engineers are messing with the system and it’s causing problem. The reblog issue I don’t know how or wen they’ll solve that. I reblog a bit ago and they same thing happened. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and today is to short to piss it away. 🙂

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        2. I forgot to mention, I do a post every Monday called Blogger Highlight. I plan to highlight your blog in the coming weeks. I’ll try to remember to drop you an URL. It’s my way for helping other bloggers. Have a great day. 🙂

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